Primetime Ballers - LV/LAR

Tank Williams gives his best picks for the Monday night primetime game.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Now, moving on to the Monday night football game, we have the Chargers going against the Raiders. And so my first Charger is going to be my man Herbert. Like, Herbert has been going off, like, he outdo Patrick Mahomes last week, you know. Almost beat Dak at home a couple of weeks ago.

Really like the way the Chargers are playing on offense, using the run game to kind of help with the pass game. My man Mike Williams has been going ham.

The Raiders have a nice rush defense. Those guys off the edge have been coming, so I feel like Justin Herbert will probably use his legs a little bit more in this game, which is why I feel like he probably has a high floor in this one.

Now, on the flip side, for the Raiders, I'm going back to the same dude I did in week one. And that's Bryan Edwards. Like, this dude has over five targets in two out of three games, and he also has over 80 receiving yards.

And if you're looking at this game being a potential shootout and everyone focusing on the big game that Hunter Renfrow had last week, and then also everyone's always going to be on Henry Ruggs, so I like to get a little bit of salary relief. At the same time, going to a guy who is used heavily in this offense last year, Nelson Agholor. He plays the same position.

So I feel like Edwards can get some of those looks in the red zone, so he could be a sneaky cheap player in this one. And so for my superstar, it'd be so easy to go with my cousin Mike Williams, because this dude been balling like every single week of the season.

But I'm going with Keenan Allen, because if you look at the tape, you know that Keenan Allen is the dude on that team. Like, he runs the best routes, has the best hands, and I believe that Mike Williams has gotten so many targets because teams have been trying to focus on taking away Keenan Allen.

Well, that may flip this week, because, you know, Mike Williams has been going off. So I think that Keenan gets his first multi-touchdown game this week against the Raiders, so that's why I have him in that superstar line.

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