Primetime Props: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Yahoo Betting Analyst Ariel Epstein joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a pair of player propositions as the Buccaneers host the Chiefs in week 4.

Video Transcript

- Welcome to the Sportsbook. I'm back here, and this time I'm joined by Ariel Epstein, which is plenty exciting. And Ariel, I know you didn't come here to take a bunch of unders. So let's get started with the Sunday night game.


- You've got a line that you're interested in on Leonard Fournette.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I love this over, and I love being on here with you, [? Eddie. ?] Thanks for having me on.

The over for Leonard Fournette receiving yards-- I know overs, they say, tend to be [? flat ?] public. However, we are Yahoo Fantasy as well, and you're trying to root for players to do well. And that's what I'm doing here in the [? air ?] with Fournette.

Kansas City allows the third-most receiving yards to running backs this year. Last year, allowed the third-most also. Running backs this season against Kansas City-- James Conner had 29 receiving yards. Austin Ekeler, 55 receiving yards. The Colts' running backs combined between Nyheem Hines and Jonathan Taylor for 43 receiving yards-- this is a number of 25 and 1/2 that Fournette went over in 10 of 14 regular season games last year. He's good for the short passes by Tom Brady, so give me that over of 25 and 1/2 receiving yards for the Bucs' running back.

- Oh, I love it. I need it. I wouldn't mind a touchdown from Leonard Fournette. I know you're not making any promises about touchdowns, but I wouldn't mind it. I'm just saying. Give us another one for the Sunday night game.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I love looking at total tackles props, especially in primetime games. This is my favorite linebacker in the NFL whose name is not Patrick Queen, because, yes, I'm a Ravens fan, and they call me Prop Queen. However, on the other side, there's Devin White for Tampa Bay.

Their linebacker always shows up in primetime. He's had at least 12 tackles in every game that he's faced the Chiefs in his career. Devin White was the linebacker that, in the playoffs, I always went to back because he just shows up in the big moment.

His total tackle prop is at 6 and 1/2 in plus money on BetMGM. I really like this over for a plus money value at 6 and 1/2. I could see White having anywhere between 8 and 12 tackles today-- total tackles.