Primetime Props: Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

Yahoo Betting Analyst Ariel Epstein joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a player proposition as the 49ers host the Rams in week 4.

Video Transcript

- Let's look at the-- let's look at the Monday night game. Talk to us about Deebo Samuel.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: The wide receiver for the 49ers, Deebo Samuel, has a great match-up with this Rams defense. That secondary has really struggled. The bottom 10 against the pass for the last couple of seasons, Samuel in the last two years has absolutely owned this Rams defense. On average the last two seasons, Samuel is averaging 73 receiving yards, and a longest catch of 39 yards. That's why the longest reception over 22 and 1/2.

In addition to Deebo Samuel going over 56 and 1/2 receiving yards, is my favorite play for this 49ers in Rams game, you're going to see both these teams throwing the football. It's a divisional match-up that these two are going to be going neck and neck at. I just really like that the 49ers have a weapon like Samuel. But now Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback, he's the go-to guy.

He even just saw it in the last game where Jimmy G started over Trey Lance. Obviously, Trey Lance out for the season. Deebo Samuel was basically irrelevant the first two weeks of the season, then Jimmy G comes in, and oh, here comes Deebo Samuel again. I like it with the match-up with this divisional rivalry with the Rams over on receiving yards for Samuel, over on longest reception for Samuel as well. I did like some unders today. However, I just like these overs better.