Prince Harry Is Being Accused of Upstaging King Charles III's 'European Charm Offensive' With Surprise London Appearance

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This week was supposed to be all about King Charles III and his goodwill tour with Queen Consort Camilla in France, but a workers’ strike and ongoing protests halted those plans. Instead, the media is focused on Prince Harry and his unexpected appearance in London for his legal case against Associated Newspapers.

Perhaps this would be a time for the royal family to hash things out before the coronation? Nope. Charles is reportedly “busy” and doesn’t have time for his youngest son even though his scheduled plans were just wiped out. But it’s the U.K. media that seems to be even more pressed because Harry’s presence is a disruption to their King Charles coronation coverage. The Telegraph is ranting over the idea that Harry would have garnered more headlines in London than his dad’s trip to France if the visit had happened.

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Meghan Markle isn’t even in the country, but she’s getting blamed, along with her husband, for planning the court appearance to “upstage the King’s European charm offensive.” That just doesn’t make sense since Harry isn’t the only A-list name involved in the invasion of privacy case. Shouldn’t they also be mad at Elton John for showing up? But the issue goes much deeper than a family feud or paying insiders for celebrity secrets — it’s that blurred line the royal family walks with the media.

Prince Harry’s dispute against Associated Newspapers includes the Daily Mail, the tabloid he and Meghan sued and won for libel and invasion of privacy before. And remember, Charles hired former Daily Mail deputy editor Tobyn Andreae to be his communications secretary last summer, so the palace is essentially sleeping with the enemy. Oh, what a tangled web the royal family weaves, and Harry’s presence in London certainly was a plot twist they weren’t expecting.

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