'Prince Harry said he'd never cross the line between royalty and showbiz before he met Meghan'

Prince Harry told a royal biographer he'd 'never cross the line between being a royal and a celebrity' before he met former actress Meghan Markle.

Angela Levin tells Yahoo UK's 'The Royal Box:'"Prince Harry said to me, this was before he was engaged to Meghan, that there is a big difference between being a show business celebrity and being a royal.

"A show business celebrity is someone who is acknowledged for something they’ve done, a talent they’ve had. A royal has to be steeped in duty and looking to look after things for the Queen.

"And he said ‘I will never, ever become a celebrity, there’s a narrow line, but I never want to cross it.’ I think he has."

When asked when she thinks Harry has crossed the line, Levin says: "When he got engaged really, he accepted all that.

"I think we can all say certain things, then you marry somebody, you fall in love with them and you compromise.

"What will be interesting is how it goes forward, whether they do become a world-celebrity couple doing humanitarian work or whether there’s more closeness to the Royal Family."