After Prince Harry's onslaught, where is the monarchy?

STORY: Prince Harry's recent scathing remarks about his family have shone a blinding floodlight on the private affairs of the British royals.

But once the dust has settled, Harry's father King Charles and the other bruised Windsors will wonder if any of their royal magic has been permanently extinguished.

Harry's six-part Netflix documentary series, a succession of high-profile TV interviews and his tell-all memoir, "Spare", all feature intimate revelations and accusations of discord.

Experts like Catherine Mayer, author of the recent biography "Charles: Heart of a King" say the revelations could have serious repercussions for the monarch.

"This is a huge constitutional issue for him. It's a huge reputational issue for him. And it comes ahead of his coronation and in the very early phase of his reign. So he's having to respond to this both as a parent and as a monarch. And I don't really know what he's going to do, but he absolutely needs to try to do something. This is a huge institution of state. It has significant powers. It has significant influence. It gets a shed-load of money from us, the taxpayers. It has, you know, the King is head of state in 14 other realms as well. And we're treating it like a soap opera."

At the heart of Harry and Meghan's narrative is that Britain's sensationalist popular press is a "devil".

And that members of the royal family have colluded with it to protect or enhance their own reputations.

They argue that those who have not engaged with the press, like, they say themselves, have been subjected to cruel and untrue stories that have threatened their mental health and safety.

Harry has made specific accusations against his stepmother Camilla, Charles's second wife and the queen consort, and his elder brother William, heir to the throne.

So far, both have declined to respond.

On the streets of London, Prince Harry's comments have had a mixed reception.

“I thought it was completely unnecessary. I hope he puts it all behind him and moves forwards but who knows with it. Wasn’t for me personally. He’s washing his dirty laundry in public too much, don’t need it. Think, think it’s a bit wrong, but I hope they’re all alright.”

“I have a lot of sympathy for Prince Harry honestly. I think what he’s, what he’s come out is not very comfortable, the things that he’s saying is not very comfortable but he’s also a human being and has right to his own opinions and, and his ability to say, you know, how he feels in real life. So I do have a bit of sympathy for him.”

There has been a lot of public interest in the melodrama though.

As there was in the 1990s following the breakdown of Charles' marriage to his first wife, Princess Diana - Harry and William's mother.

Their separation also played out in lurid color in the pages of British tabloids.

Buckingham Palace will likely take solace in the fact that the overwhelming majority of papers have sided with the royal family.

An unsurprising outcome, given Harry and Meghan's views on the tabloids and the fact they have sued a number of publications.

Back in the 19th century, acclaimed constitutional writer Walter Bagehot said that the British monarchy needed reverence and mystery, writing that "we must not let in daylight upon magic."

Right now though, it's too soon to tell whether this latest scandal will cause the the monarchy's sparkle to fade.