Prince Philip was 'authentic man' - Aus PM

Speaking in the House of Representatives in Canberra to parliamentarians, Morrison formally extended his and the Australian people's condolences to the Queen and royal family on the death of the Prince on Tuesday (May 11).

It was the first time the House had sat since March 25.

Prince Philip, whom Queen Elizabeth married in 1947, died on April 9 aged 99. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Queen sat alone during the sombre service for Philip, whom she had previously described as her "strength and stay" during her long reign.

Video Transcript

- Thank you, Mr Speaker. Over his [? eighty ?] years of service, Australians saw the measure of Prince Philip. More than the husband and partner of our sovereign, he was an authentic man who, despite the protocol and privilege that surround him, sought to reach out and connect with people and good causes in his own way. He was a genuine friend of Australia. And today we place on record our gratitude for his lifetime of service to the Crown, to our Commonwealth, and to our country. Again and again, he deployed his trademark lightheartedness to draw out people and put them at ease. It was an unfaltering service, always walking two steps behind Her Majesty.

And what you saw is what you got. If the photographers were taking too long, he'd tell them. If the environment was in danger, he'd indeed say it. And if monarchy could encourage and inspire, he made sure that it did. I extend our [? sincere ?] condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and to the royal family in this their time of grief, but especially to Her Majesty. Let us, her Commonwealth, be her strength and her stay. To Her Majesty, we send Australia's love and respect. And to His Royal Highness, may he rest in peace.