Prince Royce Showed Off His Ass in Cheeky Captain America Costume


When it comes to Halloween, Prince Royce isn't afraid to show off his best assets.

On Monday, the popular bachata and R&B singer took to Twitter to post pics of the costume he proudly donned this past Halloweekend: the original Marvel Cinematic Universe daddy Steve Rogers, better known to the world as Captain America.

While his costume was perfectly fine, and Royce would fit in nicely with a bunch of MCU cosplayers at any local comic convention, there was something quite um... distracting (in a good way) about the pics he posted.

There, in their partial glory, were his butt cheeks, just hangin' out for the world to see.

We're not sure how intentional it all was (it looks like the seam of his pants accidentally split right where his nether regions were), but Royce was not ashamed to let the world know he has a perfectly perched and pretty peach, and as expected, folks in the replies got a little excited (and borderline feral) at the sight of the mere peek of his cheeks.

"That thang sitting," one commenter wrote.

"THE CHEEKS???" another wrote in disbelief.

Well, in the words of Steve Rogers himself, "that is America's ass."

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