Second COVID-19 Surge Underway In Princeton: Health Department

Sarah Salvadore
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PRINCETON, NJ — Princeton Health Department on Friday said they are officially in the “second surge” of coronavirus cases.

Health officer Jeff Grosser reported a weekly total of 13 new cases and biweekly count of 20, making it the town’s highest weekly and biweekly total since early May, the height of case counts in Princeton.

The Health Department said "Princeton is officially in our next peak of cases or second surge.” They’ve attributed the increase in number of cases to club/travel sports and occupational exposures which led to household exposures.

“As we near Thanksgiving, Princeton must continue to abide by public health guidance which flattened the curve in the first place," Grosser said in a statement.

A few weeks ago, the Princeton Board of Health released a COVID Safety Pledge. Dr. George DiFerdinando, chairman of the Board of Health said the idea of the pledge was to recognize the work done by the Princeton community, remind everyone to follow safety guidelines and learn how to deal with the upcoming change in weather.

“While there have been tragic losses in Princeton to be sure, the response of all members of Princeton has had a real impact in limiting the virus’ toll,” DiFerdinando said in a statement.

He reminded everyone to maintain social distance, avoid crowds, maintain personal hygiene, and use masks.

DiFerdeinando said "we’ll need to reorient those basics to deal with the coming cold weather, flu season, return of college students, and holiday season.”

“While the five basics still work, we all have to think about how they apply when we can’t do the ‘outdoor better than indoor’ and we have the possibility of travelers/family members returning home,” he said

DiFerdeinando said the board was optimistic the community will respond and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus. “We’ll have to keep the faith and encourage each other and, hopefully, sharing the pledge with family, friends and co-workers can be a part of the way we can get this done.”

On Oct. 29, Gov. Phil Murphy confirmed that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit New Jersey. He urged New Jersey to double down on the practices that helped flatten the curve.

Read More Here: Gov. Murphy: NJ's Second Wave Of The Coronavirus Is Here

The Princeton COVID-Safe Community Pledge

The Board of Health released the pledge as a proposal to the people, institutions, businesses, and visitors to increase awareness and encourage action to protect each other.

The pledge affirms the following:

We pledge to -

  • Value the health of others as well as our own health as we go about our essential activities.

  • Remain aware of the risk involved in the activities we engage in and understand that the risks we take not only affect ourselves, but also affect our family, friends, teachers, businesses and other members of our community.

  • Follow to the best of our ability national, state and local public health guidance related to COVID-19.

  • If necessary, quarantine if exposed, or if returning from travel in an area with high levels of the virus as designated by the State of New Jersey.

  • Staying home – isolating – if we become ill with signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or while waiting for a COVID test result until cleared to go out.

  • Getting tested if having signs and symptoms consistent with COVID OR having been in close contact with someone with COVID.

  • Wearing a mask/face-covering over both nose and mouth at all times when out and may be within 6 feet of others who are not members of our household.

  • Practicing social distancing at all times when outside of our home.

  • Cooperating honestly and openly with contact tracing to protect the health and safety of others in the community.

  • Being respectful of others in our community and committing to COVID-safe etiquette in the community.

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