Principal, good Samaritan track down owner of lost class ring

A class ring from 1965 made its way home to a Delaware woman thanks to a New Castle principal and a good Samaritan.

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ALICIA VITARELLI: --this out. A class ring from 1965 made its way home to a Delaware woman thanks to a New Castle principal playing the role of detective and a good Samaritan who found the ring while shopping at the Prices Corner Shopping Center in Wilmington back in January.

KIM SHANK: I'm so glad to have it. I mean, it was sitting right there when I was getting into my car. And I picked it up, and I was like this is really new looking at it. I was thinking it had to be like a recent graduate. And when we got home, and I was like, oh, my gosh, if somebody wearing it from a class from the 60s, then it's got to be very important to them.

ALICIA VITARELLI: Yeah, and that's the moment Kim Shank finally got a chance to return the ring to its owner Joanna Gore. And here's what cracked the case. The William Penn High School class ring is stamped 1965. Inside, are three initials J M S, Joanna Marie Siekierda. Principal Lisa Brewington went through the yearbook, the whole thing until she found the one graduate with those exact initials and then tracked her down.

Plot twist, Joanna gave the ring to her 17-year-old granddaughter who was wearing it and lost it at that shopping center, looked everywhere for it, and never told grandma it was missing. Well, Joanna found out when she got the call from the principal.

LISA BREWINGTON: Called Mrs. Gore back and asked her about the ring and if she had lost it. And then she told me the story about her granddaughter, and I said, well, I think your granddaughter lost the ring.


And so then I called him Kim or emailed Kim, and I said to Kim, I found somebody.

JOANNA GORE: In this day and age, I don't think that many people would turn it in. I think they would either keep it or sell it or whatever. But she's got a good heart.

ALICIA VITARELLI: Now, good news, the granddaughters off the hook, ring is found, and Joanna will have a great story to tell at the next class reunion.

- Oh, the poor granddaughter getting outed here on Action News this afternoon.


- But you know what? all's well that ends well. And so many good people to go to such great lengths to get that ring back.