Principal writes ‘verification’ letter to Tooth Fairy after first-grader misplaces tooth

A first-grader in Wisconsin misplaced his lost tooth but his principal made sure the Tooth Fairy came anyway. (Photo: Getty Images)

When a first-grader lost his tooth at school and couldn’t locate it, his principal wrote a “verification” letter for the Tooth Fairy.

Last week, Landon, a student at Gillett Elementary in Wisconsin was outside playing ball during recess when his loose tooth fell out. When he noticed it was missing, teachers and classmates searched in a pile of wood chips by the ball pit, to no avail. So, a teacher informed principal Curt Angeli about the problem and suggested they send a note to the Tooth Fairy.

Angeli decided to go all out. “I ran back to my office and thought, ‘Let’s make it cute’ so I typed the note on school letterhead,” Angeli tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The letter read, “Dear Tooth Fairy, today [Landon] lost a tooth while playing outside at recess. Unfortunately, it was lost in our ga-ga pit, and despite the valiant efforts of an intrepid search team, we were unable to recover the tooth. As a trained principal and hobby dentist, I can verify that there is definitely a gap in [Landon]’s teeth that was not there this morning when he came in.”

“Please accept this letter as official verification of a lost tooth and provide the standard monetary exchange rate you normally use for a real tooth,” wrote the principal of six years, adding a funny post script: “I am still waiting for the money for my wisdom teeth from 1987. Please remit as soon as possible.”

A Wisconsin principal vouched for a first-grader who misplaced his lost his tooth. (Photo: Courtesy of Beth Schultz)

The note got almost 2K shares on Facebook after it was posted by a Gillett teacher.

Landon’s mom Beth Schultz, a substitute teacher at Gillett Elementary, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she wasn’t present that day because her other son had a dentist appointment. “Landon brought home the letter, concerned that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “He wanted to make sure she knew what happened.”

Schultz has known Angeli since he taught her own fifth-grade class 25 years ago. “This is the type of person he is,” she says.

That evening, the Tooth Fairy made two deposits at Landon home dropping off $1 to the boy and his brother, who had a tooth pulled that day.

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