Prior Lake Gears Up To Repeat Girls' Lacrosse Championship

A lost spring season puts Prior Lake nearly two years away from their 2019 girls' lacrosse championship, Norman Seawright III reports (1:46). WCCO 4 News At 6 - May 15, 2021

Video Transcript

- --puts Prior Lake nearly two years away from their 2019 Girls Lacrosse Championship. They're just as good this season, so the challenge is repeating their success.

- Girls know, we're starting over. We're starting over as a team. It's a new culture that we're bringing here as well, you know? And they're ready to work.

- Anna [? Schulkes ?] with the first goal for your Lakers.

HEATHER PIERSON: We have to be on with not only our physical game, but our mental game. So that's something that we talk so much about is making sure that our mental game there and making sure that we're training our mental game, while we're here too.

- Prior Lakes girls lacrosse team is the defending champion.

JOSIE WILHELM: Obviously, we can kind of feel that year that we miss. It breaks my heart that those three seniors couldn't play, because I know they're loved it here. But it makes me want to come out even more just for them.

- But they've prepared for anything.

MEGHAN MCGOWAN: Being accountable for yourself. You see you're not doing so well in practice, making sure you hit the wall before, or after practice, or, like, talking to coach on what you can work on.

PAYTON BLOEDOW: I think a lot of it shows in our conditioning. We've been putting in a lot of work for that in the off season. We, obviously, run every day at practice. But I think for me, this is the most conditioned I've ever been.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: Defending a championship is never easy, and the Lakers know this. That's why they ignore all of the hype, all the outside buzz, and focus on the one thing they can control. That means for the captains, embracing leadership.

- It's definitely a lot harder than I thought. You definitely have to be more vocal and more confident in your moves, and, like, what you're saying, and how you're doing it.

- And playing with pride.

- We all have a common goal, and none of us are really going to take into, like, selfish interest. We all will play for each other and for the team.

- So far, the team is 9-1, so they're doing pretty well so far.

- All right, good for them. Thank you, Norman.