Priyanka Chopra Jonas fought for involvement in 'The White Tiger'

When Priyanka Chopra Jonas heard one of her favorite books was getting made into a movie, she said she knew that she had to get involved to follow her dream of telling more South Asian stories. (Jan. 21)

Video Transcript

- I want to be a driver for your son.

- Hey, I'm Ashok.

- Hey, don't do that.

- Hey, driver!

- I'm Pinky. Nice to meet you.

- Balram, have you ever seen a computer?

- We had many of them in the village with the goats.

- The goats are pretty advanced to use a computer.

- OK, now you're being a jerk.

PRIYANKA CHOPRA JONAS: When I actually read in a trade magazine on Twitter that "The White Tiger" was being made, I got my agents to call the producers and offer my services. And, you know, I know the stories, Balram story. But I really, really wanted to EP it because I want to be at the helm of telling more South Asian stories in Hollywood. I feel like we're one fifth of the world's population and we don't have that representation in global entertainment. And as a producer, it's really like, my life's dream to be able to do that as much as I can.

- I would have to become the creature that gets born only once every generation.

- The White Tiger.

PRIYANKA CHOPRA JONAS: It's trying to provoke, you know, a difficult task of self-examination for all of us into a subject which affects all of us. You know, a part of the sustainable development goals is to eradicate extreme poverty. Because the gap between the affluent and the poor is increasing in such a big way. And there is such a huge population around the world that lives exactly like how Balram lived, with not having choices in, you know, what your life is going to turn out to be. The book was Aravind's way of provoking all of us to sort of look inside of ourselves as privileged society and choose to do something and choose to be aware of something that we are kind of desensitized to because we're all focused on our lives.

- I'm just one who has woken up while the rest of you are still sleeping.