Priyanka Chopra Makes Things Official, Changes Name To ‘Jonas’ On Instagram

Kathryn Cook

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attend NYFW.

That was fast!

While it can take many women many weeks or months to change their names on credit cards, licenses, and other legal documents, social media is usually the easiest first step in the name change process. Fans woke up today and instead of seeing “Priyanka Chopra” on the actress’ Instagram page, they were delighted to see “Priyanka Chopra Jonas” in the bio.

And it seems as though Instagram was the first step in the name change process. Chopra has yet to change her name on either Twitter or Facebook but if things continue to move at the couple’s usual lightning speed, it’s likely only a matter of time. As fans know, things have moved rather quickly for Priyanka and her new husband, Nick Jonas.

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