Pro-Palestinian protests sweep across the world

From London to Paris to Jordan, hundreds and even thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched over the weekend to protest against Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip as a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants came into force.

In London, some protesters were draped in Palestinian flags and set off green and red smoke flares as they called for sanctions on Israel.

British police made two arrests on Saturday in London after scuffles broke out near the Israeli embassy.

Over in Paris, hundreds of supporters of Palestinians gathered Saturday, calling for France to cut ties with Israel.

One protester said she was there to support Palestinians who she said have been oppressed in their own country for many years.

Demonstrators in Queens, New York also took to the streets to show their support.

On Friday, thousands of Jordanians gathered next to the Israeli border in solidarity with Palestinians.

While tens of thousands in Pakistan marched in support with Prime Minister Imran Khan applauding the rallies across his country, saying international public opinion was tilting in favor of the Palestinians.

A bomb blast, however, killed six people at one rally in southwest Pakistan.

Earlier on Friday, a ceasefire, mediated by Egypt, ended 11 days of hostilities, during which the Israeli military pounded Gaza with air strikes. Israel said it was responding to rockets fired by Palestinian militants.

Gaza medical officials said 248 people were killed in the Palestinian enclave with aid officials concerned about the humanitarian situation there. In Israel, health officials said 13 people were killed in the hostilities.

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