Pro-Russian traitor Medvedchuk’s transfer driven by Putin’s darker motives, thinks political scientist

Supporters of Putin with his portrait in Belgrade, Serbia

“I think he wants to hold him by the throat and once again poke him in the face with the data that Medvedchuk and Pogrebinsky showed him, promising 73% to 80% support of the local population,” Davidyuk explained.

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“They promised Putin that Ukrainians would meet Russian troops with open arms, but what he got here was super-frantic resistance, perhaps the coolest in the last 100 years. Well, it is clear that Medvedchuk stole and squandered the money for this operation.”

Davydyuk also thinks that the desire of the Kremlin’s master to take Medvedchuk away from Ukraine is to settle personal scores or use it for an alleged "Ukrainian provocation."

“Well, now, I think, Putin will take him at least for torture, at most for cleansing, which he will later blame Ukraine for,” he continued.

“But it is very good for Ukraine that we got rid of him. It is not necessary that our land endure this garbage, and it is very important that just diplomatically we were able to “trade” him for so many of our heroes.”

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Putin’s motives for the return of Medvedchuk to Russia is just “personal revenge”, Davidyuk speculated, since Putin may see the pro-Russian traitor as responsible for misleading Putin about Ukrainian’s actual resistance to the full-scale invasion.

“On the one hand, this humiliated him as a “monarch” that his daughter’s godfather is in captivity with us, and on the other hand, as a politician and commander who has lost everything, he wants to bring the culprit to himself in order to hang him by his legs,” Davidyuk said.

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