Joy Villa wears controversial ‘build the wall’ dress to Grammys 2019 with a ‘make America great again’ purse

Patrick Grafton-Green

Donald Trump supporter and US singer Joy Villa stunned the Grammys red carpet by dressing as the president’s controversial border wall.

The 27-year-old wore a silver top and skirt with fake barbed wire on her shoulders and iron nails sticking out of her hair, along with a red purse reading: "Make America Great Again".

On the back of her outfit were the words "build the wall" scrawled across a depiction of bricks.

In a tweet, Villa wrote: "It's time for the silent majority to stand up and take a strong and positive position on our Border Security!"


In recent weeks, Mr Trump has demanded billions of dollars for the wall, one of his flagship campaign pledges when he ran for president.

He instigated the longest US government shutdown in history when Democratic leaders refused to allow him the money.

In 2018, outspoken conservative Villa wore an outfit featuring an image of an embryo in the womb along with a purse reading "Choose life", while in 2017 she wore a dress modelled on Donald Trump's campaign banner, with "Make America Great Again" emblazoned upon it.

While many on social media were critical of her choice at this year's Los Angeles ceremony, a number of conservatives in the US supported her.

Ricky Rebel also dressed in Trump-themed attire (REUTERS)

Fellow conservative performer Ricky Rebel also came to the ceremony with Trump-themed attire, wearing a jacket with the president's name and "Keep America great" on it.

Posting on Twitter, Rebel said: "I'm Billboard Top 40 recording artist Ricky Rebel live at the #grammys and I'm a reflection of the 60 million+ Americans that voted for @realdonaldtrump.

“Be #TheNewAlpha Don't let anyone keep you in the closet."