Procession Honors 'Hero' Worcester Police Officer Manny Familia, Who Died Trying To Save Drowning Teen

WBZ-TV's Christina Hager reports.

Video Transcript

- A sea of blue in Worcester today. Police fire and EMS escorting the body of police officer Emmanuel Manny Familia as it was taken from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. The Department also parked his cruiser out in front of police headquarters with black Bunting on that officer.

Familia died trying to save 14-year-old Troy Love who also drowned during a chaotic scene yesterday at Worcester's Greenhill pond. WBZ's Christina Hager spoke to a family friend of officer familiar today and says the shock is still overwhelming.

- I just wanted to come, just think about my friend.

- Jerome Lee came early in the morning with candles. Greenhill pond, where his childhood friend Worcester Officer Manny Familia took his last breath trying to save 14-year-old Troy love who also drowned.

- He was a very good guy, a funny guy, athletic, smart. You know, play basketball, baseball.

- Familia's fellow officers gathered at the hospital in a solemn procession alongside their comrades body taken to the medical examiner. As we learn more about the teen, he tried to save. Love was visiting Cousins in Worcester from Virginia.

- Good swimmer. He swam across so many lakes in Virginia. They didn't think anything of it halfway through. He went under and didn't come back up one day later.

- The parking lot is off limits on what would normally be a busy sunny day here, but that isn't stopping people from walking down to the water to pay respects.

- So I wanted to educate them and let them know that superheroes aren't just in the comic books.

- Manny was a big hero.

- His cruiser now covered with black Bunting. Governor Charlie Baker.

- Somebody who jumps into-- jumps into the water, attempting to save somebody else, a young boy, that's about as iconic as you could possibly imagine.

- And that's what has moved people to bring flowers, balloons, gratitude mixed with heartache. In Worcester, Christina Hager WBZ News.