A product and a cause: Rescue Dog Hot Sauce

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Hot and dog.

That might be as close a ‘link’ as anyone could establish unless you were to start a conversation with Tim Heitzman, chef and pet lover.

“Our hot sauce logo is my rescue dog, Maya,” he smiles.

It’s been a couple of years since he cooked up a present for his little brother and Rescue Dog Hot Sauce was born.

“After that,” he recalls, “We slowly made our way into farmer’s markets. Thankfully, we had a good enough reception.”

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“What’s funny,” he continues, “Is that we’ll have events like this and people will assume the hot sauce is for dogs. It’s not.”

Rescue dogs are his other passion which made for an interesting party at the 405 Brewery recently.

Product and cause are often interwoven in the world of business, but this one is a unique blend.

“Anything to give back or just trying to find a dog a good home.”

Heitzman and Mitzi Brogdon have been friends for a few years now.

Her Street Dog Rescue and Recovery operation is small but specializes in gathering hard to catch strays.

“If I know we’re the only ones who can catch the dog,” she states, “I’ll drive wherever I need to go.”

Also invited to this party mix, another small group called Kanoa Rescue Foundation which specializes in fostering older or special needs canines.

“We hold on to them until we find the perfect place for them,” says Director Nicole Bennett.

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Folks might have come for a taste of good food.

The hope is that they might come away with a rescued dog.

“Any time we get a chance for people to see these dogs,” says Tim, “It’s a win for us.”

A good mix of spices makes anything taste better.

A good mix of breeds often makes for the best kind of pet.

It’s funny how they find each other in out of the way places; the same spots you might find a good book, dog treats, dog jewelry, or spicy gatherings you talk about for a while after they’re over.

Find more information on the Rescue Dog Hot Sauce website and the 405 Brewery website.

For more information on the rescues, visit the Street Dog Rescue and Recovery website and the Kanoa Rescue website.

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