Professional Tweens Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Can't Stop Twitter Fighting

From Esquire

Update (3/24/16): On Wednesday night, near-inevitable Republican nominee Donald Trump retweeted the following, presumably while sitting in his boxers on a matte gold recliner having his hair removed before he climbed into bed:

He continues to make Ted Cruz, the smarmy theocrat who is the only one with a chance to catch him in the Republican primary stakes, seem like The Good Guy:

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In case you somehow still believed this campaign has been conducted with grace and dignity, Donald Trump-or one of his unruly young interns who "do retweets"-broke the Tweet Machine last night:

Mercifully, this was quickly deleted. But why? Was it because the Orange One decided this kind of behavior was beneath a major party presidential candidate? Has the apricot demagogue had his come-to-Jesus moment?

No, of course not. It was just shoddy grammar. After some quick edits, it went back up and stayed there, a shining beacon to the rest of the world that this country has lost its damn mind:

Not only is Trump's premise substantively wrong-the meme'd out photo in question was being circulated by one of those semi-pathetic #StopTrump Super PACs, not the Cruz campaign-but he also just couldn't resist trying to drag Heidi Cruz, the Joan of Arc of Goldman Sachs, into the gutter with him. Cruz said as much, via Tweet of course:

The question now is whether this constitutes a new low for a campaign that has trimmed the grass from sea to shining sea for almost a year now. Some other honorable mentions, lest we forget:

Last night's episode might just be the worst, in part because it distracted from the fact that oleaginous viper Ted Cruz joined Trump in his call to violate the civil liberties of Muslims in the wake of the Brussels attacks because "political correctness."

Also, it almost makes you feel bad for Ted Cruz. No one should be subjected to that.

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