'You are here profiting off of our f------ pain': A New York City woman gives a powerful speech to demonstrators looting and destroying neighborhoods during George Floyd protests

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Protests were held throughout the city over the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody in Minneapolis who died after being restrained by police officers on Memorial Day.

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  • A woman's impassioned speech to protestors in New York City went viral after destruction during the protests.
  • The woman, who has not been formally identified, pleads with a crowd of people to stop destroying neighborhoods, facilities, and resources that many desperately rely on. 
  • "You took down bus routes. There are people who live in this neighborhood who have to go back uptown to work, and you are here profiting off of our f------ pain," she said. 
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A New York City woman urged protestors to stop the destruction and looting during protests over George Floyd's death, in a powerful video the went viral on social media. 

"These are f------ people who live in public housing and you just made a f------ melee," the woman said. "You took down bus routes. There are people who live in this neighborhood who have to go back uptown to work, and you are here profiting off of our f------ pain." 

In her impassioned speech, the woman addresses the destruction that has happened amid protests demanding justice for George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis last week, after a police officer knelt on his neck.

"You think about what it's like to be a black woman in this f------ neighborhood who lives with people in public housing who now has f------ sh-- to walk through," she said.

She urged demonstrators to be respectful as they protest and conscious of the people whose property they're destroying or whose lives will be made harder by the destruction. 

"So as you're out here, be f------ responsible. Have a f------ plan. You can protest all you want but the sh-- I just saw take place. I know there are people out here, homeless people who f------ rely on those banks to charge their phones," she said. "And you think it's okay to take down a neighborhood. You don't see corporations here. There are human beings that live in this goddamn neighborhood." 

The video was taken by Dan Ladue who told Insider, he was returning from a protest on Saturday and heard the woman's speech as he was taking videos of destruction on his route. 

LaDue said he's not sure how long the woman was speaking before he began filming but was captivated by her message. LaDue said he regrets not asking for the woman's name and information, but felt compelled to share her message. 

"I filmed the wreckage walking down the street and at one point I'm on the right side of the street and I hear someone over on the left side, and it's just this woman yelling extremely passionately," he said. "It was the first person I heard yelling of 'why the f--- are you doing this?' like the first person who was seemingly some sort of voice of reason of why are you doing this in this neighborhood?" 

He said he added pictures of what he saw to the video for context. LaDue described turning down 2nd Avenue and seeing "carnage."

In the video, the unnamed woman encouraged protestors to think about other ways to get change. 

"I gave my f------ sweat, blood, and tears for this country. I served this country for ten goddamn years so when you think about this anger and this f------ rage cause there's a way to get answers, every single last one of you better be f------ registered to vote," she said. 

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