New Program Aims To Improve Lives In Black Community

A new program in Pittsburgh is aimed at improving lives in the Black community. It's headed by the Political Leadership Program; KDKA's Briana Smith reports.

Video Transcript

- A new program in Pittsburgh is aimed at improving lives in the black community is headed by the political leadership program. Our Briana Smith spoke with the organizers about their vision.

BRIANA SMITH: Organizers say the goal is to teach residents about government and leadership so that they can overcome obstacles that keep them from reaching their goals.

BRENDA TATE: We are committed to rebuilding the political infrastructure and the African-American community. Please note that I did say rebuild.

BRIANA SMITH: In order to do that, the Black Voter Coalition is launching the Political Leadership Program.

JACQUELINE HILL: A program that provides political leadership at a grassroots level that our community is in dire need of. Political parties garner their strength at the grassroots level.

BRIANA SMITH: They'll team up with different community partners to provide skills on navigating government bureaucracy.

JACQUELINE HILL: The program consists of four parts. It will be held every Saturday in May. It will cover running for a committee person, an overview of city and county government departments and agencies and their operations.

BRIANA SMITH: Residents will also learn how to build and mobilize community constituency and the role of committee people.

JACQUELINE HILL: We hope to build a model that can be institutionalized for the community to obtain the political education and sophistication needed to rebuild and sustain our communities throughout Allegheny County.

BRIANA SMITH: The first meeting will be on May 8 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Downtown, Briana Smith, KDKA News.