Promises Kept: The Trump Administration Has Paved the Way for Promoting the Culture of Life

Stefano Gennarini, Grace Melton

The Trump administration has elevated pro-life diplomacy to new highs and has created new pro-life expectations for all U.S. administrations going forward, illustrated by President Donald Trump’s historic participation at the March for Life and proclamation for a National Sanctity of Human Life Day. But despite this unprecedented attention to pro-life concerns, international policy on abortion remains mostly unchanged, largely because the pro-abortion European Union virtually controls UN social policy.

The president denounced the promotion of abortion by the United Nations in his statement to the General Assembly in September 2019. Administration officials threatened to veto UN Security Council resolutions over abortion-related terms like “sexual and reproductive health.” Additionally, U.S. diplomats have been instructed to amend UN General Assembly resolutions that include that terminology.

These are just a few of the “firsts” that America has seen under the Trump administration. So far, what the administration has done effectively is to press the pause button on the advance of abortion-related terms like “sexual and reproductive health” in UN resolutions.

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