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Block Shop

OK, this quilt is on the more expensive end, but it's for a good reason. Block Shop studio, run by two sisters, is based in both Los Angeles and Bagru, India, where their textiles are entirely handmade, celebrating the centuries-old technique of hand block-printing. Using hand-carved sisam wood and vegetable dyes, makers create abstract, joyful prints on bedspreads, table runners, and other pieces made of Indian silks and cotton. The saffron-and-goldenrod quilt shown is hand-printed in Bagru, then hand-stitched by women in rural Rajasthan using a traditional unknotted running-stitch technique. (No, the cute dog is not included.) The studio pays 30 to 100 percent above local market piece rate (depending on the artisan's skill level and experience) and invests 5 percent of their annual profits in their Bagru women's empowerment program, which is focused on women’s health, education, and skills training.

SHOP NOW: Marfa Kantha Throw, $250, blockshoptextiles.com

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