The Property Brothers Had Second Thoughts About Designing a Kitchen with Two Islands

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Photo credit: mrsilverscott - Instagram

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  • HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott renovated a Las Vegas home for Shaly and Leonel in the latest episode of The Property Brothers.
  • The real estate guru and the designer have doubts about installing two kitchen islands instead of one but fulfill the unique request.
  • The Scott twins were "smitten" by the final results and so were HGTV viewers.

It’s true: The Property Brothers is on its 14th season, which means Drew and Jonathan Scott have not only renovated hundreds of homes but have also heard quite a few interesting requests throughout the years. Now, two kitchen islands can be put on the list, and HGTV viewers have thoughts about this unexpected twist.

In the latest episode, titled, “Island Getaway,” the Scott twins designed a home for Shaly and Leonel—a couple ready to put down roots in Las Vegas after living in the city for 10 years ago.

Originally the plan for the kitchen was to include a standard large island with seating, but the vision changed when the homeowners stopped by the construction site and immediately addressed a concern.

Leonel realized how big the island was going to be and was worried about cleaning the countertop, saying he wouldn’t be able to reach the middle of it, and behold, the idea of “sisters islands” was born!

“Why have 1 kitchen island when you can have 2!” Drew wrote on Instagram.

Before embracing the unconventional thought, the real estate guru and designer duo had their doubts. “We were definitely not into the idea at first—we thought it would look like aisles at the supermarket,” Drew and Jonathan wrote on their blog. “But by the time we finished, we were smitten. Just look at 'em! Perfection!”

It’s clear the 41-year-olds were happy that the couple stayed firm on their request for two kitchen islands, because it ultimately paid off, and HGTV viewers were just as surprised by the final reveal.

Photo credit: mrsilverscott - Instagram

“Didn't think the 2 islands would look good but WOW did you pull it off,” one person wrote. “Although 2 islands are a little too much for me, this still turned out amazing!!” another added.

“The 2nd island is awesome! You can tell they had family gatherings on the brain... there is never enough seating,” a fan shared. “I loved the energy of this couple and the transformation was EVERYTHING!! We woman have the vision & thankfully it worked out better than expected,” another person wrote.

We’re sure viewers agreed with Drew and Jonathan’s initial doubts, but in the end, everyone was pleasantly surprised with a look that'll be remembered for years.

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