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Property transfers
Property transfers

City of Ashland

2030 Stoneridge Court, Ashland; Ryan D. Wires and Elizabeth N. Wires to Curtis C. Conner Jr. and Kristi D. Conner; $295,000.

17 Morgan Ave., Ashland; Evelyn Weiler to Amanda Wert-Keane and Shane Keane; $160,000.

1750 Baney Road, Ashland; 1750 Baney, LLC to ADJ Industries US, Inc.; $1,400,000.

834 Country Club Lane, Ashland; Melinda S. White to Sharon O. Sahl and Kenneth E. Sahl; $226,000.

2.755 acres Westlake Drive, Ashland; Simonson Holdings, Ltd. to 400 Westlake Drive, LLC; 2.755 acres; $41,400.

188 Arthurs Court, Ashland; The Brenda E. Leedy Trust to Kelcie J. Chance; $142,500.

504 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Mike Nelson and Amy Nelson to Randall D. Harrison and Charity L. Harrison; $196,500.

741 Keen Ave., Ashland; Zachary Sidle and Kelly Sidle to Joshua Foell; $158,317.

707 Eastern Ave., Ashland; Sandi S. Rowsey to Rylen McDonald and Gabrielle Gochinski; $120,000.

Clearcreek Township

1254 Township Road 856, Ashland; Scarlett A. Drake to Berney L. Montavon and Carrie S. Montavon; $290,000.

Green Township

2607 County Road 1075, Perrysville; Charles R. Ferguson and Teresa J. Ferguson to Andrew A. Gingrich; 3.932 acres;$301,000.

Hanover Township

134 N. Spring St., Loudonville; Roberta S. Kaiser to Christopher Clayton; $149,900.

Jackson Township

1456 Laurel Drive, West Salem; Megan M. Snow to Dale Breining and Deborah Breining; $220,000.

367 Township Road 1080, Polk; Mark K. Simmons to Wesley and Julia Lambert; 2.1136 acres; $190,000.

1371 Saffron Drive, West Salem; Barbara A. Wright and Dean T. Wright to Gary Matthew Stafford; $164,000.


69 Plum St., Jeromesville; Mike Lifer and Jill Lifer to Dylan P. Chio; $119,500.


539 Vincent Drive, Loudonville; E. Wayne Risner (sheriff) to Eric S. McCaskey; $112,000.

224 N. Spring St., Loudonville; SGOCD Properties, LLC to Mary E. Yoder; $60,000.

Mifflin Township

5.455 acres on County Road 2256, Perrysville; Gary L. Burkhart to Dalen R. Schlabach; $67,806.

Milton Township

1224 Township Road 1433, Ashland; Mark R. and Michelle S. Everly to Ryan D. and Elizabeth N. Wires; $345,000.

Montgomery Township

1189 Township Road, Ashland; Sue Anne Hoover to Jason Salatino and Willow Salatino; $150,000.


120 W. 3rd St., Perrysville; Chase R. Fidler and Sabrina R. Fidler to Andrew L. Reeder; $119,000.

Sullivan Township

461 Township Road 462, Sullivan; Robbie E. Eichel to Pablo Dejesus and Ivy Lynn Dejesus; $310,000.

Vermillion Township

530 Township Road 2102, Loudonville; Kevin L. Smith and Emily H. Smith to Cheyenne K. Bryson and Matthew R. Vanthournout; 5.007 acres; $255,000.

This article originally appeared on Ashland Times Gazette: Ashland County Property Transfers

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