Property Transfers 08-29-2022

Aug. 29----MVB Bank Inc a West Virginia Banking Corporation to Clayton Wagner III and Tara Wagner, Chesapeake, $195,000

—United Bank a Virginia banking corporation to Carlos M. Monge, Proctorville, $60,000

—United Bank, a Virginia banking corporation to Carlos M. Monge, Proctorville, $45,000

—Carolyn Sue Hammonds to Elmer Lee Armstrong and Julia Armstrong, Rome, $58,582

—Ad Victorium LLC to DTJL Properties LLC, Ironton, $30,000 —Sandra Southem and Steven Southem to Nancy B. Fry, Willow Wood, $80,000

—Kendrall P. Waller AKA Kendall P. Waller to James Ray Hampton and Jaclyn Ann Hampton, Ironton, $125,000

—Thomas C. Webb Family Revocable Living Trust to Heath Basil Jones and Darrien Hope Jones, Ironton, $365,000

—Terry Barber and Rose M. Barber to Thomas Williams II and Lacey D. Williams, South Point, $91,690

—Victoria A. Browning ET AL to Michael Floyd, 4th Ward, $80,000

—Dana R. Gillispie to Andrew Napier and Tara Napier, Chesapeake, $55,000

—Preston Development LLC to Carlos V. Ortiz, Ironton, $200,000

—ACS Investment Properties LLC to Terry R. Schneider and Belinda D. Schneider, South Point, $222,900

—Karen Sue Thompson to Rebecca Hughes, Union, $3,000

—Nolan R. Love and Kendra N. Love to Brian Tavis Rundgren and Amy Marie Rundgren, Proctorville, $410,000

—Eescobedo Properties LLC to DAG Construction Group LLC, South Point, $16,000

—Phyllis Pernestti AKA Phyllis P. Pernestti to PHH Mortgage Corporation, Willow Wood, $52,000

—Mary L. Vanderhoof to John M. Ferguson and Vivian K. Ferguson, Ironton, $20,000

—Terry Lee Vanderhoof and Vonda Kay Vanderhoof to John M. Ferguson, Ironton, $60,000

—Ellis D. Morgan to Charles Edward Roberts and Laurie J. Roberts, Ironton, $125,000

—Preston Development LLC to Sean Eric Adams and Julie Ann Adams, Upper, $95,000

—Debra M. Fitzpatrick to Blake Ridenour and Mackenzie Ridenour, Burlington, $97,000

—Daniel J. Schritter and Amanda M. Schritter to Abegael J. Daniel and Shawn Scragg, South Point, $102,000

—Real Alternative Properties LLC to Tori Leep, Proctorville, $169,900

—Angie Callaway to Windell Lee Spurlock Sr., Proctorville, $50,000

—Toni L. Holderby to Gene Bragg, South Point, $100,000

—Ronald Lee Payne and Betty Lou Payne to Teddy Payne, Mason Township, $38,000

—Michael Warren Evicks to James D. Hayes and Debra S. Hayes, Chesapeake, $40,000

—Ron Wooten and Kelli Ruth Wooten to Mark Watts and Helena M. Watts, Proctorville, $195,000

—Clayton Wagner III to Edward Allen Anson, South Point, $16,000

—Larry Franklin Bryant to Stacy Laverne Murray Medcalf and Larry Zarubian, South Point, $167,500

—CC1 OH REO LLC to Big Bay 6 LLC, Ironton, $14,000

—Nathaniel James Beasley and Savanna Beasley to Anna E. Rose, Chesapeake, $152,585

—Amy Collins to Bethany Woods, South Point, $155,000

—Jasmine N. McClanahan and Caleb L. McClanahan to Trent E. Thompson and Heather Thompson, Proctorville, $400,000

—Mark L. Cremeens to SITA 1 LLC, Ironton, $155,000

—Estate of Jennifer J. Allen to Jacob H. Hock and Autumn D. Vallandingham, Ironton, $52,000 —Danny Ball to Mark Miller, South Point, $1,000

—Lonnie J. Campbell and Melissa L. Campbell to Karlie E. Sheppard and Jerod Sheppard, Ironton, $250,000

—John Brooks and Billie K. Brooks to Brenda McComas and David McComas, Proctorville, $25,000

—Matthew Ross and Megan Ross to Timothy Williams and Tammy Williams, Ironton, $30,000

—David A. Dillon and Barbara Dillon to Randy A. and Barbara J. Greathouse, South point, $31,000

—Stanley Ray Elkins and Cheryl Elkins to Franklin S. Lusher and Renee C. Lusher, Chesapeake, $120,000

—Christopher A. Vandam and Keith Collins to Christopher A. Vandam, Washington, $8,700

—Angela S. Chaffins and Mark A. Chaffins to Kevin A. Dials and Cara M. Dials, Proctorville, $247,000

—Linda L. Trent to Danny Holschuh and Dustin Holschuh, Proctorville, $93,000

—Calvin E. and Gina Diane Hankins to Allura D. Kidd and Taylor Austin Chance Kidd, Lawrence, $205,000

—Trent E. Thompson and Heather Nicole Thompson to Pamela D. Baker and Ralph L. Baker, Willow Wood, $249,900

—Deborah Clark-Bolden, David Clark and Helen M. Clark to Jeffery B. Muncy and Barbara S. Muncy, Chesapeake, $18,000

—Christopher Stephen Cielec and Bobbie S. Cielec to Eddie R. Blankenship and Robin A. Blankenship, $52,387

—Richard W. Heath II and Andrea Faith Heath to Bradley T. Eaves and Laren C. Eaves, Chesapeake, $145,000

—Jerry Clark and Margaret Ann Lycan Clark to Nicholas B. Windisch, Proctorville, $195,000

—Scott E. Moore and Barbara A. Moore to Kevin L. Hamilton and Melissa Hamilton, South Point, $380,000

—Elizabeth Jane Burcham to Nathan Hegemeyer, Chesapeake, $1,000

—Robert Ngumire and Hannah Ngumire to Kerry A. Burge, Proctorville, $160,000

—Cody A. Murdock to Evan B. McKnight, Ironton, $95,000

—Harold Dale Depriest and Gina Depriest to Angel R. Smith, South Webster, $3,000

—James Barry Poole and Amanda Poole to Cara Nelson, Proctorville, $21,000

—Steven Gillette and Shona Gillette to The Gregory and Susan Hinshaw Revocable Trust, Proctorville, $710,000

—Jopop LLC to Loweco Lube Inc, South Point, $800,000

—Jason Micha and Casey Micha to Debbie Hatcher and Jay Hatcher, South Point, $102,500

—Mary Rachel Steele and Christopher H. Steel to Carlos O. Nunez and Christina Nunez, Crown City, $197,000

—Tanna Sue Barber to Leland M. Rose, Willow Wood, $6,500