Property transfers
Property transfers

Wayne County

Baughman Township — Randy G. Friesel to Kenneth Lee and Emily Laura Hunt, 15431 Rehm Road, $385,500.

David E. Freed to James Philip Mollohan, 15648 Market St., $15,000.

Chester Township — Benjamin W. and Amber N. Collins to Sarah Pontsler Werthmann and Arron Pontsler Werthmann, 7570 W. Smithville Western Road, $195,000.

Chippewa Township — Gary L. and Bette Jo Trader to Kathryn Bachman, 13092 S. Portage St., $250,000.

Marki G. Evans Tetzel to TNC Marketing, 12541 S. Portage St., $170,500.

Marki G. Evans to TNC Marketing, 12551 S. Portage St., $170,500.

Doylestown — David Speicher to Ajkiv Holdings, 277 N. Portage St., $95,419.

Sandra L. Lowry (trustee) to Derrick and Erin Slocum, 123 Maple St., $310,000.

East Union Township — Atlee A. and Katie R. Hershberger to Aden R. and Susie Swartzenruber, South Kansas Road, $220,000.

Franklin Township — Joseph and Ina Yoder to Daniel and Cindy Hershberger, Hoy Road, $231,000.

Green Township — Michael Decarlo (successor trustee) to Gary Lee and Bette Jo Trader, 810 E. Main, $175,000

Orrville — A&S Schroer Properties to 249 W. Market St., 249 W. Market St., $350,000.

Terry K. Dalessandro and Ruth E. Dalessandro and Travis N. Wilson to Jeffrey N. and Brianne N. Bailey, 1095 Willow Way Lane, $330,000.

Paint Township — Carolyn W. Unruh to Michael D. and Daniel B. and Mary E. Kauffman, 18392 Harrison Road, $357,500.

Paul Strine and Mark Strine to Paul Strine, 16083 E. Main St., $41,615.

Plain Township — Heather J. Strine Sigler to Terry E. Gasser and Debra Doniece Gasser, 4350 S Jefferson Road, $341,000.

Rittman — Community Development Group to Holly A. Snyder and Joye H. Brown, 12 S. Third St., $171,500.

Walter Todd Wilde to Tiffany M. Vaughn, 44 Fairlawn Ave., $140,000.

Kyle W. Anderson and Inas Itayem to Arizona S. Holman, 132 S. Hickin Avenue, $140,000.

Salt Creek Township — Michael T. Smith to Dustin T and Michael A and Cheryl Raber, 8393 Salt Creek Road, $240,000.

Plow Horse Development to Simon Wengerd Jr. and Timothy N. Hershberger, 169 Monroe St., $55,000.

Chad Betson and Caryn L. Deal to Plow Horse Development, 169 Monroe St., $40,000.

XL Builders to Barbara J. Spencer and Joseph W. Arthur, 1864 Pilgrims Trace, $241,550.

Sugar Creek Township — Michael K. Baney and Dilshani C Madawala to Andrew I. and Sarah E. Hilty, Kidron Road, $82,998.

John E. Hershberger to Cody Lee Fitzwater, 420 W. Main St., $135,000.

Jonathan Sommers to Rachel I. Mast, 302 W. Main St., $138,000.

Joann T. Watson to M. Neal and Faye Hochstetler, 1258 Wenger Road, $335,000.

Ralph Arthur and Kathryn Elaine Detrow to Lauren Lee and Michael Allen Nicholas, 1169 Deerfield Ave. N., $272,000.

Wooster — Weaver Custom Homes to Cas Energy, $349,764.

Wooster Property Management to Jason Yoder, 410 E. North St., $86,000.

Brocoltie Ltd. to Jaymeson Mccoy, 731 W. Liberty St., $145,000.

Anthony Lane and Tabitha Totten to Becky S. Roudebush and Cori A. Baker, 2375 Long Road, $158,000.

Herbert E. Allshouse to Ernie Daugherty and Marie Fejeran, 1579 Hawthorne Drive, $250,000.

Sherry Wey to Roger P. Rehm (trustee), 2576 and 2578 Peach Lane, $190,000.

Joann J. Stype to Fnb Properties, 1447 Cleveland Road, $218,000.

Michael C. and Tracy L. Graening to Joseph Fiscus and Linda Cutter, 1543 Oak Hill Road, $455,000.

Wooster Township — Thomas E. Etter to Matthew J. and Cortney Herman, Millbrook Road, $73,000.

Holmes County

Berlin Township — East Holmes Development to David J. and Miriam Mast, 5295 Osprey Drive, $73,900.

East Holmes Development to Eli J. and Muriel Yoder, 5300 Osprey Drive, $68,900.

Cloverland Farms to Eugene A. and Ruth L. Miller, 6333 Township Road 309, $440,000.

Andy M. and Martha Miller to E&N Land Holdings, 1.38 acres, Township Road 368, $73,260.

Anderson Safe Properties to Marty and Mary Ellen Beachy, lot 16, Legacy Ridge Drive, $155,840.

Christ J. and Elsie Marie Yoder to Allen and Sarah Yoder, 1.95 acres, County Road 77, $58,350.

Daniel C. and Sarah Kauffman to Kaitlyn R. Kauffman,14 acres, US Route 62, $91,000.

Cedar Bridge Ohio to Moses Lee Hershberger and Rhoda W. Weaver, 6400 County Road 201, $230,000.

Mahlon J. and Joanna Troyer to Keith L. Troyer and Kara D. Troyer, 5550 Township Road 353, $400,000.

Mark R. Ames and Harold Owen Ames, 5175 Falcon Drive, $187,500.

Clark Township — Thomas L. Harmon to Reuben A. and Marlene R. Troyer, 3480 County Road 70, $32,000.

Abe A. and Esther Raber Jr., to Marvin A. and Regina A. Raber, 2916 Township Road 166, $50,000.

Hardy Township — Richard B. and Ruth Ann Uhl to Darrell W. and Kelly A. Hood, 4471 Township Road 305, $10,000.

Holmesville Village — Deborah Dye to Anita P. Stutzman, 304 S. Market, $118,000.

Killbuck Township — Noah H. and Henry Yoder to Benjamin and Lisa Ogi, 26.04 acres, US Route 62, $234,387.

Nathan and Rebecca Dudis to William D. and Erma Sue Troyer, 9541 Township Road 92, $100,000.

Hilltop Speedway to Tyler Michael Evans, 10.95 acres, County Road 150, $280,000.

Killbuck Village — Evan M. Aurand to Justin Ross Weaver, 989 N. Railroad St., $115,000.

Steven E. and Virginia A. Sandison to Richard Stringfellow and Sarah H, McGuinness, 110 N. Main St., $91,000.

Knox Township — William Miller (1/4 interest), Mary Miller (1/4), Daniel Miller (1/4) and Berry Miller (1/4) to Mitchell D. Tyson, 16.53 acres, County Road 22, $165,000.

Charles E. and Wilma J. Yonts to Micah R. and Jamie Rheinholtz, Erie Teppe, lot 486, $100.

Erin Weber to Heather Tinsley, Mohawk Trail, lot 174, $10,000.

Neal F. and Ann K. Dalton to David B. and Karen J. Ennes, Ridgeview Drive, lots 138, 140 and 141, $36,000.

Ronald L. and Aleta K. Powers to James E. and Monica L. Conrad, Ridgeview Drive, lots 415, 416, 417 and 418, $3,000.

Mechanic Township — Larry and Joyce Sortet to Daniel M. and Dorothy A. Hartzler, 2731 Domat Drive, $375,000.

Paul Edgar Klingerman to BWR Land Holdings., 2808 Township Road 128, $166,500.

Randall L. and Lorraine M. Ramsey to Daniel and Laura Wolff, 1151 W. Buckhorn Drive, $260,000.

Lynn and Sharon Joy Kandel to Jonas D. Raber (1/4 interest), Dena Raber (1/4) and Abe W. Raber (1/2) 3359 Township Road 110, $350,000.

Michael Zelina to Jamie and Ashley Breneman, East Buckhorn Drive, lot 257, $79,500.

Kirk A. and Michele Stotler to Jack W. Wicinick and JoAnne E, Wicinick, 7331 County Road 19, $299,000.

Millersburg Village — Bradley S. and Virginia L. Payne to Kombian and Benedicta Gbaruk, 834 E. Jackson St., $209,000.

Kenneth A. and Helen E. Morris to Debra E. Starn, 58 Spring Drive, $225,000.

Bambi M. Wagers to Nathan A. and Rebecca J. Dudis, South Monroe Street, lot 535, $140,000.

Sage Properties to Amos I. and Krista E. Miller, 568 E. Jackson St., $179,000.

Karen S. Shaffer to Tara M. Martin, 311 S. School St., $150,000.

Monroe Township — Patricia A. Lang to William and Tina Owens, 6350 County Road 51, $34,447.

John A. and Rhonda Dixon, John A. DIxon II and Nathan G. Dixon to J&R Home Delivery, 4059 Township Road 271, $242,000.

MO Gilt to Reuben S. Gingerich and Kathryn C. Detweiler, 2.38 acres, Township Road 268, $180,000.

Nashville Village — Karl J. Miller to Sandra P. Wines, 102 W. Millersburg St., $115,000.

Paint Township — Naomi H. and Raymond W. Yoder to Timothy and Barbara Raber, 1573 County Road 160, $575,000.

Prairie Township — Daniel M. and Betty Weaver to John E. and Loretta L. Yoder, 3.54 acres, Township Road 553, $60,000.

Jacob A. and Rachel Wengerd to Jacob A. Wengerd (1/4 interest) and Rachel Wengerd (1/4) and Ian Lee Wengerd (1/2), 9046 State Route 83, $250,000.

Richland Township — Carl J. and Janice L. Novak to JJK Real Estate, 1661 Township Road 28, $551,000.

Ripley Township — Alan L. and Lois M. Miller to Green Hill Acres, 12970 Township Road 474, $1,988,092.

John A. and Elizabeth L. Troyer to Alvin J. and Katie A. Troyer, 4 acres, County Road 51, $30,000.

Scott F. and Nina Holcomb to Scott F. Holcomb, 8912 State Route 514, $20,000.

Walnut Creek Township — Ryan A. and Tonya F. Raber to Rufus and Oroha Yoder, 3951 Township Road 162, $395,000.

Joe D. Miller to High Point Property Holdings, 2543 Township Road 444, $325,000.

Karl A. and Debbie Ann Spinden II, to Andrew A. and Barbara Ann Yoder, 4118 Township Road 422, $400,000.

Carol S. Gerber and Anna K. Miller to Zolukon Institute, 2.25 acres, state Route 515, $875,000.

Washington Township — Harrison H. Murphy to Richard Kenneth Albert Murphy, 14270 County Road 100, $25,000.

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