Property transfers
Property transfers

Baughman Township — Donald A. and Brenda L. Peters to Ted J. and Jessica A. Cardinal, Burkhart Road, $119,900.

David D. and Ellen M. Good to Sherwin D. and Heidi L. Good, 3082 Mount Eaton Road Orrville, $450,000.

Wet Dog Real Estate to Maurica Jo Baker, 34 Monique Circle, $202,900.

Joanna L. Cutlip and Chad D. Kasunick to Chanel F. Mortimer and Pablo Delgado, 510 S. Main St., $220,000.

Bent Creek Properties to SA Smith LLC, 424 S Main St., $100,000.

Canaan Township — Robert D. and Marilyn K. Gallion to J. Venus Renovation, 189 Main St., $115,000.

Chester Township — Cindy Starling to Norman W. Starling, 4366 Overton Road, $51,400.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Jonathan and Ernestine Tousley, 14646 Hatfield Road, $118,500.

Mike A. Tetzel to Kayla Ling and Roger Ling and Steve F Tacchio IV, 12548 S. Portage St., $40,000.

Dirk A. Hoffman to Frank Pribanich, 15787 Mccallum Drive, $350,000.

Clinton Township — Rhonda Kay Root and Darla Jayne Jackson to Candace L. Mowrer, 6913 S. Elyria Road, $231,500.

Congress Township — Patrick Roach to Zachary Chaffin, 9543 Overton Road, $50,000.

Top Notch Real Estate Investments to Renne Michelle Baisden, 177 E. Buckeye St., $186,000.

Doylestown — Douglas P. Nestor to Benjamin H. and Sarah J. Genet, 490 Hilltop Drive, $250,000.

Tommy A. and Wilma J. Benedict to Paul S. and Connie L. Clark (co-trustees), 320 Meadow Ridge Trail, $250,000.

East Union Township — J. Ernest Martin to Reuben M. and Amanda D. Hostetler, $88,020.

Lester E. and Ada Marie Troyer to Marty R. and Joanna V. Troyer, 699 S. Swinehart Road, $450,000.

Franklin Township — Dannie J. and Susan A. Troyer to Levi L. and Esther Yoder, Hoy Road, $190,000.

Tyson W. and Shelby L. Fought to John and Rachelle Silvestri and Joseph M. Silvestri, 2421 McCoy Road, $400,000.

Milton Township — Roberta J. Gleason (successor trustee) to DSW Real Estate, 10256 Wadsworth Road, $515,000.

David Masters Jr. to William H. Cottrill, 4813 Doylestown Road, $130,000.

Erin Zito to Jourdan Pasket and Brandon Zajaczkowski, 5110 Doylestown Road, $210,000.

James D. Berger Jr. and Janeen M. Berger to Collin M. and Marisa A. Brake, 11475 Blough Road, $375,000.

Steven S. Hoisington to Green Leaf Enterprises, 9680 and 9692 E. Easton Road, $179,900.

Orrville — Myparklee Properties to Lucero Nanco Hipatl, 606 W. Market St., $135,000.

Nicholas Cuttiford and Paula Starn Cuttiford to William F. Becker Jr., 1456 W. Market St., $185,000.

Mark A. and Tammy J. Auble to Bray W. and Molly C. Offenbecher, 1214 Dogwood Drive, $477,000.

Tyler Lytle to Stacey Kreider, 2014 W. High St., $227,500.

MD Custom Builders to Cory M. and Brooke N. Seiler, 2347 Deer Creek Circle, $378,000.

Paint Township — Nevin Ray and Edna Hershberger to David R. and Kelly Harrison, Troyer Road Rear, $126,390.

Joseph C. and Anna Miller to Eli J. and Mattie Miller, 14396 Dover Road, $200,000.

Joseph C. and Anna Miller to Joseph J. and Ella J. Miller, 14576 and 14578 Dover Road, $120,000.

Joseph C. and Anna Miller to Raymond J. Miller, $64,764.

Plain Township — James D. Rhodes to Melvin H. and Belinda Hochstetler, 4425 S. Elyria Road, $120,000.

Rittman — Madison P. Burkey and Jonah R Danehart to Clayton G. Gerber, 26 Hawk Ridge Road, $177,000.

Deborah Ann Lynch to Carol S. and Dennis J. Vadini, 508 Oliver Way, $315,000.

Salt Creek Township — Hostetler Organic Hills to Raymond S. and Fannie R. Hostetler, $166,464.

Sugar Creek Township — Matthew Gene Tschetter and Violeta Lisbeht Castro Lopez to Ab Locust Investments, 13030 Emerson Road, $170,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Arlene Steiner to Arlene and Esther M. Steiner, 14357 Emerson Road, $100,000.

Timothy D. and Ranae D. Nightingale to Elrox Company, 5034 Kidron Road, $220,000.

Daryl K. Woods to Sandra Woods and Nicole Bowers, 3901 Deerfield Avenue, $195,000.

Wayne Township — Brian and Rachel E. Steiner to Alexander Lee Walton, 4728 Thompson Road, $230,000.

Wayne Township — Sln Properties to Lam Estates, West Highland Avenue, $59,000.

Wooster — Maurica K. Sokal to Spencer Hodges, 916 E. Bowman St., $80,000.

Misty R. Lance and Misty R. Lee to Dawn M. Yost, 817 Belmont Ave., $115,000.

Abraham Kauffman to Albert P. Baker III and Julie A Mellen Baker, 971 and 973 Washington St, $152,500.

Danny R. and Judy A. Hostettler to Jace and Rachael Hartzler, 2441 Armstrong Drive, $235,000.

KJTR LLC to Nathan J. Otto, 2500 Cleveland Road, $118,000.

Joan C. Richer and Todd Mancini to Malissa J. Reynolds, 4321 Hunters Chase Lane, $165,000.

David Meinke (trustee) to Seth R. Duffy and Justine Cala Duffy, 4334 Woodlake Trail, $420,000.

David L. and Melody B. Sindel to Gallagher James Francis III, 4507 Hunters Chase Lane, $175,000.

Kenneth T. and Joyce A. Gilbert to Marc A. and Josilyn O. Miller, 551 Beechwood Ave., $255,000.

Devansh Shukla and Dawn M. Carlisle to Carol A. Carlisle, 214 W. Highland Ave., $99,000.

Sammax to Howard L. Nurse (trustee), 532 Danberry Drive, $310,000.

ABC to Richardson L. Davis, 1419 Firethorn Lane, $350,000.

Wooster Township — Beth M. Fox to David Alan and Ellen Marie MacMaster, 2535 Shreve Road, $200,000.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: Recent property transfers in Wayne County