Holmes County

Berlin Township — Raymond M. and Edna Hershberger to Daniel A. and Mary C. Yoder, 20.571 acres, Somerset Drive, $719,985.

Anderson Safe Properties to Kristen M. Beechy, Legacy Ridge, lot 22, $115,200.

Ryan and Rochelle J. Hostetler to John Jay and Barbara A. Schlabach, 4839 County Road 207, $265,000.

Keith and Kara Troyer to Ben G. and Arlene M. Troyer, 5634 Township Road 351, $375,000.

Jason J. and Melissa D. Raber to 503 Strategies, 5221 State Route 39, $428,000.

Northridge EMB to Nelson D. and Sara F. Miller, 5616 Northridge Drive, $376,461.

Nelson D. and Sara F. Miller to Andrew J. and Deborah D. Stutzman, 5331 Township Road 351, $425,000.

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East Holmes Development to Lois Hochstetler, 5267 Osprey Drive, $69,900.

Atlee R. and Mary J. Yoder to Andy M. and Martha Miller, 2 acres, Township Road 367, $120,000.

Clark Township — Lizzy Mae and Mandy Erb to Reuben V. and Lizzy Mae Yoder, 2684 Township Road 162, $24,000.

Sam R. and Lizzie Erb to Reuben S. and Anna Kaye Erb, 84.66 acres, Township Road 162, $150,000.

Billy R. Pope Sr. to 93 Real Estate Holdings, 23 acres, state Route 93, $718,200.

Eli and Susie Mae Troyer Jr., to Moses A. and Rhoda Troyer, 3216 County Road 600, $76,220.

Rudy A. Hershberger to Atlee R. and Esta J. Hershberger, 2732 Township Road 164, $144,500.

Hardy Township — S&S Rentals to Michael E. and Amy L. Fair, 10.02 acres, County Road 349, $250,425.

Nevin L. Yoder to Merle E. and Lena Mullet, 8950 County Road 292, $230,000.

Troy A. and Amy L. Crilow to Steven R. and Jennifer L. Butcher, 9944 Township Road 262, $305,000.

Dalen R. and Rhonda M. Schlabach to Group 24, 4.52 acres, Township Road 336, $130,000.

Kati Vaughn and Christopher Tuitama to Micah Troyer, 8886 County Road 292, $285,000.

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Glenmont Village — Kandy S. McBride to Midfirst Bank, 824 Depot St., $76,667.

Holmesville Village — Joshua David Chrapowicki to Diana Snyder, 110 S. Taylor St., $75,000.

Andrew J. Stutzman to James L. Raber and Carrie L. Miller, 613 Benton, $180,000.

Killbuck Township — RLH Land Co. to Killbuck Watershed Land Trust and Highland Nature Sanctuary, 41.04 acres, state Route 60, $547,717.42.

Rick G. Hawkins DBA Rick’s Timber Co., to Killbuck Watershed Land Trust and Highland Nature Sanctuary, 36.33 acres, state Route 60, $127,397.58.

Killbuck Village — Joseph J. and Anita Miller to Candace. McCombs, 196 Purdy St., $100,000.

Toro Investments to Damon T. Harris and Brittany M. Phillips, 475 Main St., $159,000.

Knox Township — Joyce Baracz to Bernadette F. and Andrew B. Clark, lot 43, October Hill, $8,000.

Janet E. Dillinger and David A. Cowley to Lawrence L. and Cameron L. Ashby, South Ridge Drive, lot 113, $12,500.

Melissa D. Wiebe to Laban Landes Enterprises, 14845 Township Road 211, $190,000.

Daniel C. Morgan to Randy and Jennifer Delauder, Algonquion Autumn, lots 342-343, $21,500.

Mechanic Township — Jonas D. and Dena H. Raber to Willis J. and Emily A. Raber, 3384 Township Road 110, $180,000.

Ronald E. and Sheila A. Parsons Jr. to Citi Mortgage, 2024 Mulheim Drive, $129,200.

Arnold and Virginia Oliver to David L. and Anita J. Hall, W. Buckhorn Drive, lot 559, $50,000.

Charles A. and Valeria A. Eagen to John W. Tancous, 1915 Swusten Drive, $410,000.

James M. and Sally K. Smith to Steven T. and Carolyn Dunn, 8125 Geneva Drive, $400,000.

John V. Erb to Jonas Erb (1/6 interest), Emma Erb (1/6), Raymond E. Yoder (1/6), Lydia Ann Yoder (1/6), Mark J. Erb (1/3), 22.84 acres, County Road 19, $316,372.50.

Joel Hampton to Carla S. and Dennis D. Denman, 2308 Ofen Drive, $345,000.

Mark P. Hoxworth to Joseph H.. and Esther A. Wengerd, 1.48 acres, County Road 150, $115,000.

Millersburg Village — Michael A. and Jennifer L. Woods to Katelyn and Trevor Arnold, 505 E. Jackson St., $220,000.

Chrystal D. Hummel Mizer to Paul M. and Jennifer R. Weaver, 661 S. Monroe St., $185,000.

Alvin E. Raber to JKS Real Estate, 6514 State Route 241, $440,000.

Marlin Miller to Justin Ryser, 756 Critchfield St., $161,000.

Brian McCune (1/3 interest) Jeffrey A. McCune, 1/3), and Lisa Tilton (1/3), to Deborah R. Scholl, 11 Woodland Drive, $179,000.

Evelyn J. Wooten to Thomas E. Woodruff and Treva E. Sprang, 684 Critchfield St., $71,000.

Robert John Hoffman to Jonathan H. Troyer, 393 E. Jackson St., $159,000.

Monroe Township — Donald and Patricia McGinnis to Jamie T. Karl, 4015 Township Road 271, $305,250.

Joan M. Miller to William C. and Fannie Bontrager, 33.94 acres, Township Road 266, $475,104.

Joan M. Miller to Anthony and Shelbie Murphy, 5 acres, Township Road 266, $70,000.

Aunt Farms to Theodore L. and Cheryl G. Kays, 10646 Township Road 262, $30,000.

Levi and Clara Miller to Leroy L. and Dawn E. Miller, 30.29 acres, Township Road 262,$95,w00.

L&C Rental Properties to Leroy L. and Dawn E. Miller, 52.53 acres, Township Road 264, $204,800.

Paint Township — Robert Coblentz to Marion R. and Naomi Coblentz, 3388 US Route 62, $280,000.

Eli A. and Fannie Mae Wengerd to Alpine Hills, 7929 Township Road 661, $79,942.50.

Eli A. and Fannie Mae Wengerd to Alpine Hills and Glenn R. Parks LE, 7881 Township Road 662, $50,000.

Elsie S. Schlabach to Dean R. and Cheryl L. Wengerd, 3.2 acres, County Road 200, $192,000.

Michael E. Yoder to Menno MW and Katherine Schwartz, 1364 US Route 62, $340,000.

Andy R. and Elizabeth E. Hershberger to Jonathan and Amy A. Yoder, 0.269 acre, Township Road 652, $11,720.

Jonas J. and Elsie J. Yoder to Michael W. and Cathy J. Miller, 3731 US Route 62, $225,000.

Timothy James Zook (¼ interest), Richard Zook (¼), Michael Zook (¼) and Stacy Callen (1/4) to Richard Zook, Michael Zook and Stacy Stefanik, 43.66 acres, US Route 62, $50,000.

Prairie Township — David R. and Martha Weaver to Nelson E. Miller (¼ interest), Laura Miller, (¼), etal, 7141 Township Road 601, $400,000.

Richland Township — Grace M. Norris and Todd Robert C. Norris to Steven R. and Lucy R. Miller, 14658 Township Road 32, $133,500.

Ripley Township — Lena Schlabch to LDM Enterprises, 11051 County Road 329, $365,000.

Roman A. Hersberger (1/3 interest), Mary J. Hershberger (1/3), Susie R. Hershberger (1/3), to Leroy and Katie Yoder, 13039 Township Road 473, $135,000.

Saltcreek Township — Mast Associates to Laudon Family 5.9 acres, County Road 189, $421,850.

Mast Associates to Dannie J. and Susan A. Troyer, 5.86 acres, County Road 189, $259,600.

Walnut Creek Township — Wayne L. and Barbara A. Troyer to Levi W. and Carol Ann Troyer, 5716 County Road 172, $100,000.

Ricky and Carol Ann Rowland to Edna Mae Yoder, 6376 State Route 515, $363,000.

Andy E. N. and Ada Yoder to Marty A. and Rosie A. Yoder, 5126 State Route 515, $250,000.

The Coblentz Group to Soap Properties, 2425 Township Road 414, $2,450,000.

David A. and Sara Stutzman to Steven and Lisa E. Troyer, 4510 Township Road 447, $500,000.

Washington Township — Jac N. Neville to Corbin Schneider, 6560 State Route 514, $195,000.

Trevor Miller and Mation Miller to Brendon J. Yoder. 6.49 acres, Township Road 468, $85,000.

Andrew and Heidi Toye to Kyle R. Troyer, 6703 State Route 514, $203,000.

John D. and Betty F. Miller to Aaron E. and Marie I. MIlle, 7205 State Route 179, $213,000.

Wayne County

Baughman Township — Richard H. and Patricia Anne Lindsey to T&T Farms, 53 E. Market St., $100,000.

Steven W. and Jewelinh M. Lovelace to Cheryl Meade, 726 S. Main St., $125,000.

Canaan Township — Vincent L. Metheney and Jackson D. Metheney to Christopher A. Garrett, 110 Burbank St., $135,275.

Elisabeth A. Summers to Anntoinette Marie Grande, 180 Burbank St., $148,900.

Chester Township — Rodney J. and Kimberly D. Aukerman to Jeffrey A. Apple and Kristy L. Hendrix, Elyria, $145,000.

Chippewa Township — George D. Heater to Christopher and Stephanie Mabrey, 15374 Clinton Road, $283,500.

Doylestown — Sonja Brunk to Julie Gula, 580 Summit St., $186,767.

East Union Township — Mark J. and Laura L. Schmidt to Andrew M. and Maria J. Miller, 8456 E. Lincoln Way, $350,000.

Layfield to Rt 44 Storage, 215 N. Apple Creek Road, $63,000.

William S. and Elizabeth J. Shetler to Maynard J. and Brenda R. Kuhns, 7784 Buss Road, $250,000.

Kenneth L. and Michael D. Stoltzfus (co-trustees) to Michael D. and Leslie A. Stoltzfus, 2904 S. Carr Road, $75,000.

Everence Foundation Unique Assets to LTW Investments, 10593 and 10559 E. Lincoln Way, $495,000

Franklin Township — MJ Rumbaugh to LM Venture Co., Harrison Road Fredericksburg, $465,000.

Green Township — Kenneth M. Goldstein to Ryan Z. Byler and Elsa M. Byler, 4766 Egypt Road Smithville, $195,000.

John E. Tilton to Matthew Cousin and Bethany Joyal Cousin, 6144 N. Apple Creek Road, $220,000.

Jason D. and Gwen Riggenbach to David J and Michell A. Silvestri, 4425 Egypt Road, $380,000.

Keith David (trustee) to Kelby D. Hartshorne, 490 S. Summit St., $125,000.

Orrville — Patricia and Mark Rode to Delbert Henderson, 1155 Penn Ave., $299,000.

Ryan C. Matti to Clifton J. and Crystal L. Handwerk, 708 S Vine St., $85,000.

Dale E. and Heather J. Auxier to Ken W. and Sarah R. Boggs, 719 Jefferson St., $183,000.

Douglas L. and Lidia B. Zehr to Isaac Richard and Sara Y. Taylor, 1974 Meadow Lane, $224,750.

Kenneth I. and Marvin J. Zollinger (trustees) to NSP Investments, 1935 and 1937 W. Market St., $220,000.

Delbert Henderson to George M. and Faye E. Breneman, 1739 Blackberry Lane, $315,000.

Jordan Benjamin Thompson and Ashley Mary Thompson to Marie Ann Croskey, 432 Emeril Court, $285,000.

Milton Township — Charles F. and Doris A. Lane to CLC Rentals, 6700 E. Easton Road, $215,000.

Paint Township — Alvin A. and Ruth Yoder to John E. and Ada Weaver, 8400 and 8402 Kidron Road, $350,000.

Plain Township — Silver Tip Holdings, Inc. to Stephen Craig and Debra Kay Raubenolt, $35,000.

Rittman — Ronald Taylor to James Thomas Swartz and Laura Lee Swartz, 90 N. Third St., $129,000.

Unlimited Acquisitions to Amber Lynn Barnes, 60 S. Second St., $125,000.

Christine A. Kirby to Broderick Street Homes, 102 Ganyard St., $125,000.

Donna Forrer to Nathan Tyler Hamilton, 200 W. Ohio Ave., $163,000.

Bradley S. Blankenship to Hunter M. Blaz, 13 Windsor Mews, $150,000.

Salt Creek Township — Leroy D. Yoder to Emery A. and Jolene D. Yoder, 11445 Dover Road, $350,000.

XL Builders to Iaz Properties, 1860 Pilgrims Trace, $231,450.

Wooster — Lee Spencer to Myles L. Robbins, 437 W. North St., $86,000.

Dynamix Sales and Marketing to Kingston James Properties, 1550 Spruce St., $225,000.

Jam7991 Properties to R&J Thomas Rentals, 805 Pittsburgh Ave., $88,000.

James A. Thomas to Curtis R. Meade, 943 Spink St., $141,600.

James E. McKeown Jr. and Denise M. McKeown to Osler Ortez, 1176 Wildwood Drive, $420,000.

Brian James and Alexis L. Smith to Michael V. Brown, 2334 Graustark Path, $270,000.

Timothy A. and Faira M. Corbett to Carmen M. Alwine, 2465 Monterey St., $200,000.

Erin Van Beek (trustee) to Rachel M. and William J. Regula, 1558 Willoughby Drive, $299,900.

Clyde E. and Paula S. Crabtree to George G. and Patricia A. Sprowls, 2452 Barrington Way, $290,000.

Weaver Custom Homes to Richard S. and Sharon K. Dice (trustees), 522 Wetherington Lane, $226,900.

Weaver Custom Homes to Anita Morsman, 523 Wetherington Lane, $273,529.

Weaver Custom Homes to Kenneth E. Lowe Jr. and Tamara Ann Lowe, 524 Wetherington Lane, $244,227.

R&J Thomas Rentals to Morgan Thomas, 604 N. Grant St., $57,680.

Zollinger Properties to Allen L. and Christine E. Cornelius, E. Milltown Road, $35,000.

Johel C. and Lisa Bielke to Jonah R. Danehart and Madison P. Burkey, 1459 Summerlin Drive, $335,250.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: Who bought what in Holmes, Wayne counties? Property transfers