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Property transfers
Property transfers

Holmes County

Baltic Village — Swiss Valley Lumber to KL Land Holdings, 10.33 acres, Brickyard Road, $789,600.

Berlin Township — Holmes County Flea Market to Red Fox Real Estate, 4550 State Route 39, $2,310,000.

Ibrahim Sozen to Richard L. and Maedene B. Pfouts, 5195 Warbler Drive, $328,000.

Roy J. and Freda J. Miller to Whitetail Gulley, 26.68 acres, Township Road 310, $560,196.

Clark Township — B 4 KL to KL Land Holdings, 12.17 acres, state Route 557, $553,810.03.

PMT Rentals to Kingsway Holdings, 1.01 acre, state Route 557, $700,000.

Hardy Township — Wayne W. and Ada Coblentz to Ronnie Coblentz, 7518 Township Road 317, $335,000.

Lonnie G. Cutlip to 4 Dawn Enterprises, 6403 State Route 83, $90,000.

Killbuck Township — Marcus R. Glassford and Tiffany R. Shutt to Timothy P. Rogers and Madison L. Chanay, 9794 Township Road 1022, $130,000.

Knox Township — 3 Smiths Inc. to Lost Horizons Campground, 16325 County Road 23, $910,000.

Patricia A. Fabrizi to Timothy D. Joyce and Patricia A. Fabrizi, Lot 31 Ridgeview Drive, $3,000.

Mechanic Township — William H. and Saloma Yoder to Leroy R. Raber and Linda N. Stutzman, 5280 Township Road 118, $385,000.

Ervin A. and Lucy L. Miller to All In Energy Resources, 1.03 acre, Township Road 131, $20,000.

Millersburg Village — Stephen Schmid to J&S Big House Properties, 180 W. Jackson St., $137,500.

Betty Jean Miller to TKM Rentals, 893 Maxwell Ave., $135,000.

X Factor Rentals to Michael F. Yoder, 255 N. Mad Anthony St., $87,000.

Evan Aurand to Randy and Jane Flinner, 350 Walnut St., $159,000.

Kim Croft to Lacie and Joseph Teter, 113 Woodland Drive, $205,000.

West Main Investments to Wren House Properties, 40 W. Jackson, $120,000.

Paint Township — Longenecker Mennonite Church to Peace and Priority, 8451 County Road 186, $155,000.

James J. and Miriam Troyer to Orris D. Troyer and Rebecca Kauffman, 8772 Township Road 656, $365,000.

Aden H. and Ella D. Yoder to Mose A. and Miriam E. Keim to 8734 Township Road 652, $110,000.

Nathan J. Yoder to Cody E. Miller, 1543 County Road 160, $230,000.

Prairie Township — Gary and Rita M. Jensen to Marcus Yoder, 9908 Township Road 554, $475,000.

Richland Township — David M. Barnes (¼ interest), Gordon T. Barnes (¼ interest), Ted G. Barnes (¼ interest), Juliet K. Barnes (¼ interest) to Larry G. Yoder, 17.60 acres, Township Road, $109.140.

Ripley Township — RRS Holdings to Darian M. and Alexis Pacula, 10 acres, Township Road 503, $147,500.

Saltcreek Township — Mart E. and Esther N. Miller to Three M Associates, 0.63 acre, Township Road 618, $31,600.

Mart E. and Esther N. Miller to Eddie H. and Ada Kline, 2.37 acres, Township Road 618, $118,300.

Henry P. and Verna H. Troyer to Yoder Family Holdings, 7790 Adams St., $300,000.

Walnut Creek Township — Mervin D. and Saloma Shetler to Michael E. and Elina Yoder, 3475 Township Road 402, $40,000.

4220 TR 162 LLC to Norman D. and Leanna E. Beachy, 1.5 acres, Township Road 162, $25,000.

Solomon Legacy Investments to BDS Legacy Investments, 5483 State Route 515, $233,710.

Washington Township — Kenneth E. and Marcella M. Bauer to David R. Cogar, 0.22 acre, state Route 226, $1,869.

Wayne County

Baughman Township — Ellen M. Brillhart to Jack A. Brillhart, 13758 Back Massillon Road, $48,000.

Matthew Steven Zuercher and Genet Marie Riggenbach to Christopher David Johnson, 1585 N. Kohler Road, $325,000.

Cindy S. Gabler to Taylor Lowery, 16 Gloria Ave., $219,900.

Daniel Wayne and Robin Jean Hullinger to Christopher N. and Andrea L. Byron, 624 S. Main St., $199,900.

Raymond Zimmerman to Austin W. Keener, 313 Chestnut St., $125,000.

Jeffrey A. and Sonya E. Eshelman to Mark and Deborah Dulabaum, 926 Main St., $435,000.

Canaan Township — Jeanette Carl to Steven M. Lee, 15240 Friendsville Road, $200,000.

Chester Township — Cutter Farms, Ltd. to Tyler and Katherine Keener, Congress Road, $92,000.

Chippewa Township — Kenneth L. Gainer to Kyle David and Paige Marie Schafrath, 12810 Portage St., $450,000.

Clinton Township — Michael L. Blevens and Nicole R. Kaufman to Isaac Helterbridle and Natalee Plank, 6754 S. Elyria Road, $240,000.

Congress Township — Haley Bros Partnership to Nevin and Katherine Morgan, $275,000.

Andrew S. Mihalko to Titus Glick, 11227 Congress Road, $73,000.

Doylestown — Denise M. Busson to Erasmo J. Hillyard, 253 S. Portage St., $207,000.

James M. and Michael J. Durbin to Nicholas R. Zollinger and Emma R. Gentner, 400 Church St., $150,000.

Green Township — Owen J. Hostetler to Chad C. and Jennifer A. Curtis, 7611 N. Apple Creek Road, $335,000.

Orrville — William H. and Sue R. Bennett to Haydn Haz LLC, 403 W Market St., $224,000.

Vance A. Norton to Kelsey R. Meadows, 1146 Sterling Ave., $132,000.

Pasi Inc. to Orrville AF RE, 301 High St., $450,000.

Rita G. Robinson to Terry Lee Robinson, 854 McGill St., $50,000

Abraham I. Miller to Emery and Laura Troyer, 311 S. Main St., $50,000.

Linda R. Coppa Foster, trustee, to Cheryl A. Gangle, 1764 Blackberry Lane, $210,000.

Paint Township — Aden M. and Ada Mae Yoder to Steven A. and Karen A. Yoder, Harrison Road, $45,000.

Rittman — Joan Wilging to Alexander W. Butsch, 99 West Hill Ave., $102,000.

Ronald M. Delisio to Michael King and Kaitlyn Grimes, 96 N. Third St., $145,000.

Christopher A. and Melinda J. Wooding to Frankie Facinelli, 107 S. State St., $99,500.

Walter F. Marquart to Steven A and Lisa Widmer, 391 Cardinal Drive, $275,000.

Salt Creek Township — Trevor G. and Lisa M. Wedel to Humphrey Real Estate, 7930 Harrison Road Rear, $385,000.

Jacob A. and Erma J. Weaver to Leon J. and Ada Weaver, Jacob A. and Erma J. Weaver, 8139 Weaver Road, $350,000.

Dalen A. Shetler and Kaila A. Shetler to Irene Kaufman, 219 Creamery St., $150,000.

Sugar Creek Township — James J. Infield to John W. and Michelle M. Fichter, 127 W Main St., $35,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Twenty30 Co. to LMT Office One, 35 W. Main St., $132,000.

Scott and Connie Jo Lehman, co-trustees, to Twenty30 Co., 35 W. Main St., $80,000.

Wayne Township — Edward D. Howman to CRK Land Holdings, 6775 Cleveland Road, $200,000.

Wooster — Wayne County Community Improvement Corporation to East Liberty Street Ltd., 115 S. Market St., Rear, $200,000.

Manley Property Holdings to 2813 Rentals, 816 E. Henry St., $138,000.

Richard P. and Joanna Edwards to Girish Barade and Mrunmayee Gujar, 1551 Gasche St., $230,000.

Stephanie Beane to Rebecca L. Case, 2609 Imperial St., $140,000.

William G. Yund to Curt E. Abbot, 3012 Armstrong Drive, $175,000.

Carol L. Six to James Altland, 436 E. Beverly Road, $215,000.

Wooster Burbank Outlot to Cobalt Capital, 4389 Burbank Road, $1,292,000.

British East India Co. to Edward D. Howman, 5210 Cleveland Road, $325,000.

Weaver Custom Homes to Dennis R. and Sandra K. Ballard, 2618 Unit, 201 Wetherington Lane, $264,900.

Joseph M. Albright to Matthew C. Kinney Holdings, 1633 Cleveland Road, $350,000.

Michael S. Mathis to Jacob M. Robinson and Mariah L. Quisenberry, 143 Park Ave., $130,000.

Justin P. and Joslyn K. Chenevey to Andrew J. and Morgan Moller, 270 Meadow Lane, $411,000.

Jennifer L. Blevens to IWW Properties, 3520 Clearview Place, $101,000.

Wooster Township — Mark E and Mary Headings, trustees, to Nicole R. and Michael L. Blevens, 3956 Millbrook Road, $335,000.

Amy B. Breneman to Thomas E. Etter, 4060 Millbrook Road, $40,000.

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