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Property transfers
Property transfers

City of Ashland

733 E. 8th St., Ashland; Jeremy and Staci Brinker to Trevor M. Brinker; $110,000.

Lot on Claremont Avenue, 308 Claremont Ave., 314 Claremont Ave. and Broad St., Ashland; Wappner Funeral Directors to SCI Ohio Funeral Services, Inc.; $630,812.

510 Snader Ave., Ashland; Jason M. Rachel and Tiffanie A. Rachel to Chad W. Stoops; $35,000.

137 W. Washington St., Ashland; Ralph Kirkpatrick II and Sara Kirkpatrick to Penton Properties, LLC; $100,000.

512 W. 10th St., Ashland; Robert E. Bailey and Susan E. Bailey to Kristina E. Hickey; $40,000.

713 Center St., Ashland; 311 West of Ashland, Ltd. to Penton Properties, LLC; $65,000.

209 Center St., Ashland; Ezekiel Community Church to Gasche, LLC; $189,000.

1379 Smith Road, Ashland; Matti E. Krispinsky to Robert Whitcomb; $188,000.

433 E. Main St., Ashland; Britt C. Miller and Janet L. Miller to William E. Snook II and Beverly K. Snook (trustee); $78,000.

25 E. Main St., Ashland; Kent M. Comstock, Stacia A. Madingill, Kimberly L. Nodoro and Terrie S. Comstock to SMBrown Properties, LLC; $170,000.

445 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Kimberly J. Shank to Terrence M. Webb and Valerie K. Snyder; $160,000.

1033 Mascot St., Ashland; AVLD, LLC to Raymel L. and Rachel E. Early; $230,400.

186 Arthurs Court, Ashland; David H. Brown to Lonnie J. Atchinson and Donna K. Atchison; $140,000.

Green Township

539 Vincent Drive, Loudonville; Eric S. McCaskey to John Temple Jr. and Camie Temple; $189,900.

Hanover Township

768 County Road 3275, Loudonville; Mary Ann Shrock (trustee) to Michael Miller and Ruth Miller; $284,500.

2976 Township Road 759, Loudonville; Victor P. Stausbaugh to Sarah M. Reeder; 2.0 acres; $155,000.

Jackson Township

52.5077 acres on Ohio 89, Ashland; Harold M. Keener and Nancy S. Keener to Kevin M. Keener; $210,000.

9295 Camp Road, Homerville; Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Richard Ziebro; $57,000.

6031 Cinnamon Drive E., West Salem; Zachary Schaefer to Victoria N. Barker; $169,950.


910 Pearl Drive, Ashland; Jenna Jackson to Alia Dodd Jr.; $10,000.

Mifflin Township

1189 County Road 2075, Ashland; Dolores C. Shaffner Living Trust to Moses P. Miller and Stacey J. Miller; $330,000.

1170 County Road 2075, Ashland; Brandon T. Painter to Michael Dean Strine; $203,000.

1996 Township Road 1165, Ashland; Cassidy Schaub and Shannon Schaub to Joseph Schaefer, Jr.; $210,000.

1.093 acres on Township Road 1255, Ashland; Kevin S. Hyatt and Brandi L. Hyatt to Jeremy Fagan; $7,500.

Montgomery Township

Lots on Ohio 511, Ashland; Richard D. Wesner and Helen E. Wesner (trustees) to Martin W. Wesner and Jennifer J. Wesner; $500,000.

Orange Township

519 Township Road 700, Polk; Kristine E. Hickey to Robert A. Redden IV and Meghan F. Redden; 1.842 acres; $170,000.

1002 County Road 1175, Ashland; Paul R. Holden and Beverly M. Holden to David Lee Lechiara; $38,000.

Perry Township

461 Township Road 1275, Ashland; Gregory P. And Gayle J. Gorrell to Ethan L. Oliver and Chelsea R. Oliver; $375,000.

Sullivan Township

242 Ohio 224, Sullivan; Andrew J. Tyler and Caroline L. Byler to Ilya Prediy and Iuliia Prediy; 19.775 acres; $185,000.

7 Township Road 581, Sullivan; Spencer Development Group, LLC to Brandon L. Davis and Shelly L. Davis; 6.138 acres; $265,000.

Vacant lot on Township Road 581, Sullivan; Spencer Development Group, LLC to Adam J. Ringler; 7.099 acres; $85,000.

Vermillion Township

779 County Road 30-A, Ashland; Kenneth D. Oberholtzer Jr. and Nancy S. Oberholtzer to Hord Family Farm, LLC; $781,406.

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