Holmes County

Berlin Township — East Holmes Development to Dean and Naomi M. Mullet, 5188 Osprey Drive, $113,800.

Leroy A. and Mae J. Yoder to Samuel A. and Ruth Ann Miller, 0.88 acre, Township Road 355, $12,774.

PM Apartments to Nelson J. and Fannie E. Troyer, 5214 Township Road 359, $300,000.

Naomi E. Yoder to Michael and Lindsay Stutzman, 9.16 acres, Township Road 356, $824,715.

Clark Township — Adrian R. Yoder to James L. and Mary A. Yoder, 3458 State Route 643, $330,000.

Loren and Jennifer Troyer to Marscus Eugene and Christina L. Troyer, 3261 County Road 141, $150,000.

Vernon M. and Martha V. Miller to Joseph V. and Mary Esther Miller, 4460 County Road 59, $276,000.

Leroy A. and Erma H. Miller to Wayne M. and Martha L. Mast, 3527 Township Road 184, $250,000.

Ada and Miriam Barkman to Steven R. and Darla A. Miller, 4.0 acres of County Road 114, $168,000.

Glenmont Village — Garrett Blake to Brandon Allen Stutzman, 836 Depot St., $160,000.

Hardy Township — Jennifer Lee and Timothy E. Smith to Larry J. Habrun, 19.39 acres, Township Road 305, $506,503.92.

Jennifer Lee and Timothy E. Smith to Cameron L. and Chazarae M. Taylor, 4.97 acres, Township Road 305, $69,580.

Jennifer Lee and Timothy E. Smith to JD Hipp Farms, 3.39 acres, Township Road 305, $55,582.

Emanuel W. Miller to Dennis J. Miller, 6659 State Route 241, $350,000.

Robert L. White to Michael A. Byler and Wilma R. Weaver, 5341 Township Road 321, $185,000.

Holmesville Village — Ranee C. Brown to Ron A. Vincent, 205 Main St., $215,000.

Killbuck Township — Toro Investments to Rachel Yoder, 3950 State Route 60, $45,000.

Killbuck Village — Jesse N. Miller to Kenneth R. and Sherri M. Maxwell, 208 S. Main St., $27,500.

Dale Warren and Kathryn Ann Kirk to Matthew S. Miller, 135 Buker St., $100,000.

Robert G. and Doris M. Spurgeon to Theodore G. and Jennifer M. Thorpe, 474 Railroad St., $140,000.

Jessica Duran to Denise R. Chaney, 424 S. Main St., $109,000.

Knox Township — Rild Farm to Michele L. Haynes, 5122 State Route 514, $187,500.

Mechanic Township — Wendall Robert Steiner to Jason R. Hershberger, 5.48 acres, County Road 150, $38,388.

Raymond M. and Edna Wengerd to Ivan R. Wengerd, 6277 County Road 59, $112,952.

Robert G. Sheard to Scott A. and Angela Dauenhauer, 2995 Stammheim Drive, $75,000.

Eileen Mizer to Adam and Linda Campbell, 0.44 acre, of US Route 62, $38,000.

'Lola J. Johnson to Shaped Properties, 3763 E. Buckhorn Drive, $101,000.

Millersburg Village — David E Gamertsfekder to Adam Hershberger, 135 Port Washington Road, $180,000.

Daniel Miller to Rick O'Neal, Lots 480-481 Critchfield St., $15,000.

Jeremy James and Kimberly Jean Parks to Aaron To, 231 N. Mad Anthony St., $133,500.

Myron A. Christman to Brodie T. DeHass, 130 N. Monroe St., $71,000.

Joshua J. and Krista M. Ware to Shelly Jean Forte, 151 Tangier St., $92,000.

Sylvester and Katelyn Lubwama to Alejandro Medina Montes and Rosalinda Morales Alfaro, 279 N. Mad Anthony St., $95,000.

Paint Township — Michael J. and Emma Lou Kauffman to Josh Allen and Loretta F. Miller, 1752 US Route 62, $390,000.

Aden D. Kurtz (3/4 interest) and Nora Kurtz (1/4) to Joel A. (1/3) Christina R. (1/3) and Doran Kurtz (1/3), 8.42 acres, Township Road 606, $40,000.

Robert H. and Betty M. Raber to Uriah L. and Cheryl D. Miller, 6755 State Route 515, $230,000.

Wesley D. Yoder to Dan J. and Lydie Ann Yoder, 3.117 acres, Township Road 416, $65,457.

Richland Township — Michael D. Downs to Andrew and Edna Weaver, 10 acres, state Route 520, $85,000.

Ripley Township — Matthew J. and Amanda E. Bunt to Leroy Yoder, 11058 Township Road 526, $144,000.

Myron P. and Mallory Lynn Miller to Roger L. Beauchemin, 13113 Township Road 503, $375,000.

Roman A. and Mary J. Hershberger to Raymond R. and Fannie R. Hershberger, 10.43 acres, Township Road 508, $70,000.

Monitor Bank to MAK JR Housing & Rentals, 13210 State Route 226, $40,000.

Carleen Farms to Stephen and Jill Obrst, 1.50 acres, state Route 514, $179,000.'

Saltcreek Township — Derek N. and Julie F. Brown to Elton A. and Laura M. Yoder, 6711 Township Road 351, $497,200.

Atlee E. Yoder (1/9 interest), Esther E. Troyer (1/9), Sovillia E. Miller (1/9), Verna E. Keim (1/9), Katie Ann Schlabach (1/9), Leroy E. Yoder (1/9), Ervin E. Yoder (1/9), Harry E. Yoder (1/9) and Esther D. Miller to Paul D. and Laura S. Troyer, 2.27 acres, state Route 241, $252,000.

Verna D. Schlabach to Kendra R. Kline, Lot 6, state Route 241, $155,000.

Walnut Creek Township — Helen Ann Butler to High Point Property Holdings, 2621 Township Road 444, $355,000.

Clyde W. and Esta Yoder to Homespun Treasures of Walnut Creek, 0.92 acre, state Route 39, $168,790.

Landon M. and Julia D. Beachy to DMI LLC, 5633 Township Road 401, $270,000.

Merle A. and Ruth Ann Miller to Kyle and Callie Gerber, 0.86 acre, state Route 515, $185,000.

NBY Holdings to Coblentz Group, 1.59 acre, state Route 39, $350,000.

Washington Township — Samuel B. and Mabel E. Leid to Mervin A. Betty Sue Miller, and7322 State Route 179, $1,300,000.

Franklin Farms to Nickolas J. and Ruth A. Humphrey, 6.42 acres, Township Road 467, $62,600.

Todd J. and Sarah M. Humphrey to Sara Wolf and Jaret Woodward, 7374 Township Road 456, $170,000.

Pamela S. Peebles Reuben H. and Naomi R. Raber, 11.60 acres, County Road 100, $360,000.

Anthony J. Race to Colton D. Bowling, 3 acres, Township Road 473, $27,000.

Anthony J. Race to Glenn E. Hall, 10 acres, Township Road 473, $90,000.

Ari Jolovitz and Jonnie Bond to Julian B. and Joann N. Wagner, 7971 Township Road 470, $215,710.

Wayne County

Baughman Township — Eldon Good to Wain J. and Norma J. Neuenschwander, 16065 Church Road, $114,000.

Barbara J. Tomblin to Karalynn Bergener, 5236 Coal Bank Road, $265,000.

Ryan C. Feller, successor trustee, to John Edward Siers, 4370 Mounr Eaton Road, $25,000.

Lee E. and Jessica L. Kimmich, trustee, to Garrett L. Mack, $149,500.

Chippewa Township — Pamela S. Estlock to Jeremie and Tona L. Estlock, 13709 Doylestown Road, $350,000.

Grid Dynamics, trustee, to Benjamin R. Hornacek, 15391 Serfass Road, $165,000.

Keith J. Hanawalt and Mark J Hanawalt, co-trustees, to Matthew E. and Rachel O. Pamer, 13666 Mt. Eaton Road, $270,000.

Clinton Township — Chriss Steiner to Krin BP, Shreve Road, $500.

East Union Township — Lydia Ann Hostetler to Nicholas P. Troyer, 88 LeRue St., $100,000.

Andrew D. and Mandy J. Troyer to Moses S. and Ina M. Yoder, 964 S. Swinehart Road, $532,000.

Franklin Township — Merle E and Lori Mast Farmwaldt to Daniel A. Troyer, 7731 Fredericksburg Road, $270,000.

Lon D. and Diana L. Frazier to Allen L. and Hannah F. Troyer, 2450 Force Road, $450,000.

Green Township — Barry A. Smith and Melissa Craemer-Smith to Drew E. and Tayler R. Kramer, 5671 Akron Road, $389,900.

Orrville — Robbin D. Swaney to Jody Withrow, 112 Fair St., $131,500.

Mark D. and Candy L. Watts to Claude L. Runyon Jr and Haley D. Runyon, 834 Buckeye St., $175,000.

Michael Rivas and Ines A. Quinteros to Zachary J. and Tesa M. Fielden, 1116 W Market St., $195,000.

Wilco Land Company III to Orrwest, 1020 1022 High St., $143,000.

Milton Township — R & L Ferguson to Certified Angus Beef, 4936 Fulton Road, $1,800,000.

Alvin G. Maibach to Nelson Stoller, 11377 Eby Road, $325,000.

Matthew D. and Michelle A. Kendle to Carl J. and Hannah L. Gordon, 14285 Kauffman Avenue, $200,50.

Paint Township — Ray J. Yoder Jr. and Laura W. Yoder, South Market Holdings, $140,000.

Zane D. and Regina R. Yoder to Reuben J. Hostetler, 17380 Dover Road, $340,000.

Plain Township — James E. Food to IWW Properties, 7845 Schwartzwalder Road, $110,000.

Dorothy P. Daugherty, trustee, to Anthony Wuensch, 4823 4825 Angling Road, $55,000.

Rittman — Richard Allen Baker to Jacklyn Bachtel, 48 N. Seneca St., $79,000.

Seth Vannostran to 7602 Properties, 341 343 Main St., $159,500.

H. David Laurila to Community Development Group, 342 and 344 Diane St., $74,000.

Anthony Q. Walker to Tony Thompson, 416 N. Main St., $45,000.

Sugar Creek Township — EG Hockenberry, to Devon Zimmerman, 1112 Kidron Road, $165,000.

Emery A. and Wanda L. Taylor to Wooster Partners, 321 Lincoln Way E., $120,000.

Wayne Township — Russell D. Bachman to Wade M. Lawson, 7383 Burbank Road, $104,500.

Wooster — James V. and Adelia J. Thompson to Ronald Edward and Suzanne Christine Drews, 442 N. Grant St., $65,000.

Timothy A. Vizzo to Andrew N. Vizzo, 138 140 Massaro Ave., $8,673.

Discover Time Holdings and Panoca Ltd. and M2k Investments to Landman LLC, 1174 Townsview Place, $410,000.

Discover Time Holdings and Panoca Ltd. and M2k Investments to Holly B. and Ronald Koron, 1175 Townsview Place, $410,000.

Evergreen Wooster Properties to Sebastian A. and Marlene Ricco, 1049 Mayflower Drive, $166,000.

Morris E. Van Vooren and Lynn Van Vooren Periatt, successor co-trustees, to James and Ashley Thompson, 1201 Briarcrest Circle, $315,000.

Timothy D. Zuercher, successor trustee, to Jerry Randal and Brenda Sue Hackworth, 2438 Armstrong Drive, $217,000.

Martha L. and Deloe R. Mathatas to Rhonda S. Grove, 502 Oakmont Court, $128,500.

Nicholas P. and Claudia E. Sorrano to Scott and Stephanie Metzger, 3488 Cross Creek Circle, $366,000.

Roger D. and Richard A. Becker to William D. Landers, 4353 Deer Creek Drive, $270,000.

Brian and Lydia Hodge to Julio E. Guerra III and Haley L. Guerra, 1028 N Bever St., $182,500.

Keith A. Jr. and Patricial Meshew to Eunice Ann Westerman, 2031 Normandy Drive, $182,500.

Diane K. Schauble to Bethanne Burkhart, 737 Danberry Drive, $275,000.

Wooster Township — Sedina Lowe to Kimberly S. and Chad D. Winland, 3353 Secrest Road, $90,000.

James B. and Molly S. Clark to Stone Church Properties, 3326 Crestview Drive, $159,500.

Thad Douglas Nofsinger and Melaina C. Nofshnger to James Keith Mathew, 3786 Canal Road, $160,000.

JR Acres LLC to Richard Ames, 2682 Sparr Lane, $25,000.

Debra J. Merillat to Cammron Williams and Jackie Hale, 1256 Old Columbus Road, $150,000.

Bethanne Burkhart to Ryan J. and Lindsay M. Olsen, 2473 Greenbriar Lane, $310,000.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: Here is a list of property transfers in Holmes and Wayne counties