Property transfers

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Aug. 7----MVB Bank Inc. to EZNZ Holdings LLC, $100,000, Chesapeake

—Jeffrey W. and Tami L. Carpenter to Shawn C. Wilks, $142,000, Crown City

—Robert C. Ramey and Susie Ramey to Jacob Tanner Malone and Irina Carmon Hackworth, $70,000, Pedro

—Tracy Dement to Joe Summers Jr., $9,000, Windsor

—David J. Edwards and Amanda Edwards to Christopher Brown, $240,000, South Point

—Jason Eaches and Christina Eaches to Jacob Allen Johnson and Savannah Jo Johnson, $198,500, South Point

—Meredith D. Heinz aka Meredith Heinz and Beth D. Heinz to John M. Workman and Mikelle C. Workman, $257,900, Proctorville

—Laura Jane Butcher to Allen W. Hash, $71,000, Scottown

—Candace D. Layne to Rayedell McCauley, $62,900, Chesapeake

—Margaret Matheny to Talbot Creek, LLC, $17,500, Pedro

—KCX Enterprises, LLC to Derick J. Willis and Kassandra D. Baldwin, $130,000, Proctorville

—Adam K. Weed to Melissa Kay Graham, $143,850, Proctorville

—Kathy Joan Deems to Larry V. Fox, $10,000, Fayette

—Cindy S. Horner fka Cindy S. Mayr to Billy R. and Jennifer A. Newcomb, $45,000, Lawrence

—Peggy Jean George Trust to Ronald Keith Davis and Chrysandra Lynn Cremeens, $22,500, Ironton

—Billy Mack Thornburg to Alf Bricker and Kellie Bricker, $35,000, Perry

—Gregory L., Patricia K., John D., and Pamela K. Freeman to Candace A. Spurlock, $160,000, South Point

—Tyler L. and Emily R. Schweickart to Michael Johnson, $180,000, Pedro

—Charles E. Philabaun III and Jennifer E. Philabaun to Brandon L. West and Mary C. West, $239,000, Ironton

—Marlene A. Ferguson to Paula Bellomy, $35,000, Ironton

—Steven Byington, Gregory Byington and Cynthia Byington to Kathy J. Kratzenberg, $42,000, Ironton

—David H. Tabor and Shirley L. Tabor to Jason R. Eaches and Christina D. Eaches, $328,500, Proctorville

—Thomas Lee Robinson, Joy Robinson, Andrew Wade Robinson and Amber Robinson to Thomas —Lee Robinson and Joy Robinson, $60,000, Aid

Emilee Button to Frank N. Fuscardo, $147,500, Fayette

—David Moore and Deborah Moore to Sandra J. Sexton, $229,900, Fayette

—Judith A. Cook to Terresa Pratt and Stephen Pratt, $16,000, Union

—David Adkins and Janet Adkins to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $68,320, South Point

—Orville McFann to Dakota L. Parsons, $85,000, Ironton

—Carla S. Kingsbury to Aaron Spurlock and Kara Spurlock, $334,000, Rome

—Melanie Day and Larry Day to Randall W. Rice, $10,000, Windsor

—M&G Triplett, LTD. To Anthony E. and Mildred A. Lykins, $8,000, Coal Grove

—Mary P. Richey, Andrea J. Thompson and Robert E. Steele to First Choice Property Acquisitions, LLC, $10,000, Decatur

—Mark W. Breeding aka Mark Breeding, ETAL to Tamara Lyn Ferrell, $225,000, South Point

—David Bartram, et al. to Deborah L. Spitz and Alan J. Spitz, $24,500, Rome

—Mark A. and Cynthia Christian to Mark K. Schroder, $12,500, Fayette

—Ronnie A. Viars and Dreama A. Viars to William C. and Avis E. Kuhfahl, $8,500, Aid

—Tri State Realty & Rentals, Inc. to 804 S 4 St Ironton Holdings LLC, $20,000, Ironton

—Sohail Qayyum and Sidra Sohail to Toni K. Coleman and Adam Q. Coleman, $408,000, Proctorville

—Kurt A. and Brandy Stewart to Bradley Paul Rist, $121,000, Ironton

—Linda M. Fetty to Bradford R. Sanders and Heidi R. Sanders, $187,000, Chesapeake

—Mark Sullivan to Mark Coovert and Christy Coovert, $28,500, Proctorville

—Rebecca Jo. Bowling to Gregory W. and Evelyn Runyon, $155,000, Ironton

—Misty D. Jordan and David M. Basile to Ambur N. Linger, $135,000, Chesapeake

Little Living LLC to Cayce S. Blankenship, $252,500, Proctorville

—JOBHUB180, LLC to Deeidra S. Edmunds and Andrew C. Edmunds, $150,000, Proctorville

—Ines Garcia to Nancy Carter, $240,000, Proctorville

—Johnny D. Ashworth and Sandra Ashworth to Paul Johnson and Jordyn Johnson, $114,000, South Point

—Paul Short and Wendy Short to Jeremy E. Walters and Vernetta M. Walters, $84,000, Rome

—Wyatt Bates to Larry Slack, $35,000, Ironton

—Marlene Kelly to Lyndell Howell, $400, Washington

—Larry R. Slack to George and Kara Emery, $40,000, Lawrence

—Herbert Jackson and Janice Jackson to NH Rentals, LLC, $35,000, Ironton

—Angalia and Deloris Wilks to Angalia Wilks and Nicholas Bazell, $2,000, Kitts Hill

—Jearl H. and Betty G. Sasser to Levi T. Smith, $288,000, Union

—Lexa A. Jenkins to Paul Ferguson and Allison Claire Ferguson, $175,000, Proctorville

—Derle Walker (Private Selling Officer — Shaughn T. Daily) to Barbara L. Black and Jerry A. Graley, $61,381.10, Proctorville

—Ida Finley (Private Selling Officer — Shaughn T. Daily) to R&R Restoration Too LLC, $31,093.70, Ironton

—Pamela K. Wagner to Richard L. Holston, $5,000, Ironton

—Mark Van Steenberg to Travis and Stacy Wise, $1,000, Fayette

—Gregory J. Macri and Linda G. Macri to Lisa A. Jenkins, $225,000, Rome

—Dennis Riffe Sr. and Chris Riffe to Dennis Riffe Sr. and Dennis Riffe Jr., $14,205, Pedro

—Sharon Smith et al Donna Donohue int only to Richard L. Donohue, $1,000, Upper

—Sharon Smith et al Donna Donohue int only to Richard L. Donohue, $10,000, Upper

—Ad Victorium, LLC to DTJL Properties, LLC, $52,000, Ironton

—Bart Allan Matney aka Bart A. Matney and Angela Y. Matney to Husnu Narman and Fatma Narman, $271,000, Proctorville

—American Advisors Group to Danny Holschuh and Lorelei Holschuh, $50,101, South Point

—Barry R. Tolliver to Ashley McMaster and Brandon Ruble, $239,900, Proctorville

—Ricky L. Crews and Peggy E. Crews to Kenneth Egan and Karen Darlene Egan, $230,000, Proctorville

—Dorothy Wiles and Carl Wiles to Stanley McCloud and Shirley McCloud, $25,000, South Point

—Lowell Calvin Johnson to Independent Contractors Distributors, Inc., $50,000, Upper

—Ryan W. Guthrie to Robert Downs and Hannah Downs, $145,000, Ironton

—Donna L. Dial and Connie J. Bussard to Vicki Salyers, $130,000, South Point

—Rose Ellen Swarts to Kristen R. Tabor, $97,500, Coal Grove

—Megan N. Lyon fka Megan N. Smith and Corey Jay Lyon to James Poole and Amanda Poole, $265,000, Proctorville

—Chad A. Carty to Andrew Mains and Stacy Mains, $40,000, Ironton

—Edison L. Cook to Clifford Martin, $10,000, South Point

—Michael A. Sharp and Jessica M. Sharp to Isaac D. Sherman, $100,000, Ironton

—Matthew C. Watts and Amanda L. Watts to Brent a. Ransbottom and Gabrielle L. Ransbottom, $195,000, Chesapeake

—James Poole and Amanda Poole to Megan Neal Lyon and Corey J. Lyon, $375,000, Proctorville

—Kathy Kratzenberg to EJTR, LTD, $12,500, Ironton

—Dalvin Hawthorne and Wendi Hawthorne to James R. Bevins and Jeannie M. Bevins, $20,000, Winsor Township

—Matthew Roy and Bud Perry to PHH Mortgage Corporation, $39,667, Proctorville

—Lawrence Park Properties, LLC to Clay Investments, LLC, $1,000,000, South Point

—Olivia Colleen Bailey and Kimberly Ann Bailey to Joshua C. James, $75,000, Chesapeake

—Jeremy D. Wine to Maria Basenback, $267,500, Proctorville

—Jeffrey Todd Massie, Gregory Joseph Massie, David Francis Massie and Dustin Stanley Massie to Jeffrey Todd Massie, Gregory Joseph Massie, David Francis Massie, Dustin Stanley Massie and Rocky Massie, $68,080, Kitts Hill

—Warner O. and Lori A. Hilderbrant to Brandy Davidson, $15,000, Proctorville

—Kimberly A. and Steven D. Wagner to John E. Franklin Jr., $134,900, Ironton

—Josh Lindsey and Natalie Lindsey to Richard J. McMaster Jr., $178,500, Proctorville

—William Randall Brown, Johnny Mack Brown and Sandra Williams to William B and Kimberly L. Schwab, $150,000, Ironton

—Becky Boright McClennen fka Becky Jo Boright to Christie A. McMaster, $143,250, Ironton

—Ricky J. and D'Ann Bertrand to John H. Chapman, $50,000, Willow Wood

—Joyce Robinson and Richard Allen Robinson to James M. McQuaid, $129,000, Chesapeake

—Jerry O. Bartoe and S. Maria Bartoe to Michael Heitz, $10,000, Chesapeake

—Jerry O. Bartoe and S. Maria Bartoe to Michael Heitz, $327,000, Chesapeake

—The Paul and Nancy Marcum Family Trust to Sandra Robinson, $535,000, Waterloo

—Russell A. Daniels Jr. to Maddison Paige Leep and Jose Alejandro Guzman, $168,000, Proctorville

—Jeffrey C. Huff and Cheryl A. Gillen to David Shaffer and Traci Musick Shaffer, $99,500, Fayette

—William B. and Kimberly L. Schwab to Jordan William and Monya Toni Killeen, $298,900, Ironton

—Brian Lee Dalton, Executor of the Estate of Ramona Faye Dick aka Ramona F. Dick to LJT Holdings LLC, $18,400, South Point

—Kenneth L. Everhart and Johnda Everhart to Timothy Adkins and Lisa Adkins, $50,000, Kitts Hill

—Ruby White aka Ruby Karen White aka Karen White to Michael Leee Young, $27,300, Proctorville

—John C. Thomas and Katherine Thomas to Benamin Swanson, $342,000, Willow Wood

—Michael Morgan to Bethany Ann Chapman, $60,000, Perry

—Beverly H. Nance and Carl Nance to WAI Construction Group, LLC, $90,000, Ironton

—Estate of Carol Jean Destocki to WAI Construction Group, $90,000, Ironton

—Estate of Rosemary Mitchell to WAI Construction Group, LLC, $90,000, Ironton