Property transfers 6-4-2022

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Jun. 4----Bonnie F. Holmes, by PSO to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC as nominee for Wilmington Savings Trust, NA, not in its individual capacity but solely as Trustee for Broad Street Funding Trust II, Ironton, $99,180

—Carla L. Salyers FKA Carla L. Marshall to Derrick C. Mullens and Eleanor G. Johnson, Ironton, $45,000

—Stephany Haggerty to Wilda A. Fox, Proctorville, $100,000

—David Bennett to Lisa Ross, Chesapeake, $210,000

—Jessica Bowden and Mark Bowden to Elizabeth Mains, Ironton, $100,000

—Bryce Scott Krum to Hayley Butcher and Jacob Daniel Holschuh, Pedro, $165,000

—Zachary Layman and Hannah Layman to Ashley A. Boyd and Steven A. Boyd, South Point, $179,900

—Teri Hardiman Krantz to Aaron and Ashley Murphy, South Point, $2,000

—Barry Reynolds to Charles and Greg Scaff, Hamilton, $15,000

—Northgate Enterprises LLC to Edwin Kent Holley and Lillian Midge Holley, Proctorville, $8,000

—Marcus A. Bailey to PennyMac Loan Services LLC, Proctorville, $136,051

—Kierra McDaniel and Courtney Kerns to Staci Smith and Debra Wise Smith, Chesapeake, $18,000

—Jarod R. Warren and Julie Anne Warren to Michael A. Brown, South Point, $134,500

—Mark Slaughenhoupt and Sharon Slaughenhoupt to William Thomas Nibert Jr., Proctorville, $435,000

—Ruth Marie Wallace Et. Al. to Trent Allyn Roach, Chesapeake, $136,000

—Patricia Houser to Meagon K. Keck, South Point, $61,225

—Mary Jo Wilson to U.S. Bank Trust National Association, Willow Wood, $62,000

—Sara Duvall to Darrell Adams and Sheila Adams, Ironton, $188,000

—Marilyn Slone and James M. Slone to Kevin Keairns, Chesapeake, $80,000

—Lorri L. Cleer to Rondel Rayon Moss and Deborah Ruth Moss, Proctorville, $185,000

—Ashley A. Houvouras to Ginger Lynn Cunningham and Douglas Cunningham, Proctorville, $235,000

—Frank Waller and Katherine Waller to Christopher Mount and Lorie Mount, Coal Grove, $10,500

—Sarah Rucker and Megan Tafoya Blue Sky to Bradley James McNeill, Proctorville, $28,000

—Rhiannon V. Hester to Ashley L. Ray and Robert Ray, Ironton, $200,000

—Justin Tyler Whaley and Brittany Faith Whaley to Brandy Bruce and Harold Bruce, Ironton, $32,000

—Dustin Holschuh to Christopher Andrew Goodwin and Rachael Ann Goodwin, Chesapeake, $9,000

—Terry A. Wells and Valerie Wells to Aguilar Investment LLC., Proctorville, $125,000

—John Aaron Norris and Brittany Norris to Stark Investment LLC, Chesapeake, $19,000

—Gary Salmons and Kathryn Salmons to Donald Capper, Trustee of the Freddie Lee Hayes Testamentary Trust, Proctorville, $60,000

—Danny R. Trent and Cristie R. Trent to Everett Stewart and Nancy Stewart, Proctorville, $175,000

—William B. Hensley and Jay D. Zornes to Robert and Kara Cleary, Ironton, $30,000

—Estate of Roger E. Ford to Aaron M. Gustin and Elizabeth D. Gustin, Ironton, $275,000

—Derrick E. Shepherd and Jo E. Shepherd to Jordan Gann, Proctorville, $195,000

—Sarah Thrower and Andrew Thrower to David Justin Associates LLC, South Point, $20,000

—CC1 OH REO LLC to Big Bay 6 LLC, Ironton, $16,000

—CC1 OH REO LLC to Big Bay 6 LLC, Ironton, $15,000

—Rhonda Russell to Randy Preece and Donna Preece, Kitts Hill, $83,000

—William David Alford Et. Al. to Patricia Sanders, Kitts Hill, $145,000

—Terri Lynn Rowe AKA Terri L. Rowe AKA Terri Rowe to GMK Homes LLC, Ironton, $66,000

—Patricia Klaiber to Jarod Warren, Ironton, $125,000

—The Estate of Raymond Bailey to Eric Steven Maloney and Melody Pickett, South Point, $25,000

—Bob Eugene Mayo and James Allen Mayo to Benjamin S. Burd, Proctorville, $205,000