Property transfers Nov. 12. 2022

Nov. 14—Property transfers

—Benjamin R. Coleman and Nancy I. Coleman to Jordan Browning and Alexis Browning, Chesapeake, $245,000

—Joseph H. Snyder and Christa C. Snyder to Ryan Evan Taylor and Kayla Taylor, Chesapeake, $289,000

—Billy Joe Lemley to Ashley Webb and Gregory D. Webb, Proctorville, $50,000

—Susanne F. Eavenson fks Susanne F. Thacker to Madison Lee, Proctorville, $70,000

—Phyllis Ann Hayes to David E. Hager and Teressa D. Hager, Proctorville, $60,000

—Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Elaine Pyles, Ironton, $90,000

—Mary R. Dietrich fka Mary Paholsky to Anthony E. and Mildred A. Lykins, Ironton, $55,000

—Gary Pruitt to Shawn Sparks and Hannah Roush, Elizabeth, $30,000

—David R. Lester and Linda D. Lester to Harold F. Damron Sr. and Kimberly A. Damron, Chesapeake, $65,000

—Kathy S. Cunningham, Owner of Estate of Anna Pearl Staton to Brent Ervin, Ironton, $150,000

—Kathy D. Triplett, Mark Stephen Kelley, Robert M. Kelley to Mark E. Delong and Deborah L. Delong, Ironton, $45,000

—John L. Maynard and Ginny L. Maynard to Arthur W. Fryer, Ironton, $96,000

—Patrick G. Kouns and Leslie Kouns to Dillon Michael McFann and Mackenzie D. McFann, Ironton, $200,000

—Sondra Denise Paulus and David W. Wise to David W. Wise, Ironton, $1,740

—Sondra Denise Paulus and David W. Wise to Sondra Denise Paulus, Ironton, $22,000

—Sondra Denise Paulus and David W. Wise to David W. Wise, Ironton, $57,250

—Sondra D. Paulus, David W. Wise and Paul R. McMackin to Sondra D. Paulus, Coal Grove, $9,390

—Dallas Stephens et al. to Liza S. Boyd, Symmes, $9,500

—Kristina Holtzapfel, Administratrix of the Estate of Regina G. Russell to Virginia L. Rimer, Ironton, $169,900

—Vicki D. Ward to Wayne Robertson Jr. and Cheryl Anne Robertson, Proctorville, $264,000

—Patricia Hicks, Executrix of the Estate of Mary E. Christian to Jennifer Whisman and Thomas Whisman, Proctorville, $100,000

—Laken C. Adams fka Laken C. Short and Jason Adams to Lisa Marie Spurlock, South Point, $99,900

—Roy S. Ratliff to Timothy J. Young and Jenna W. Young, Ironton, $280,000

—James E. Sanbord Revocable Trust to Paul Black, Carol Black, Stephanie Dawn Burcham, Tewania Gail Canterbury, Proctorville, $260,000

—Lowell Lewis Johnson to William C. Cox, Hamilton, $18,000