Property transfers: Prices in Marion County range from $5K-$575K

These real estate transactions were recorded in Marion County Oct. 12-25:

5726 Denzer Road, Waldo; Robert D. Purdy to Jennifer Santille; $260,000

126 E. Walnut St., Marion; Herbert Jesus Vidal Peraza to Gerald and Christina Metzger; $166,500

603 Hampton Woods Drive, Marion; Marha Jones to Rita McEntire; $211,000

568 Carolyn Drive, Marion; Deborah Jean Curl-Nagy, et al. to Michael D. Lucas; $120,000

1326 Trachsel Ave., Marion; Shane A. and Lisa M. Oney to Jeffrey and Autumn Deeter; $130,000

8 The Woods, Marion; Stephanie L. Kumler to Juanita Hobby and Brenda Keeton; $225,000

3956 Green Camp Essex Road, Marion; Lois J. and David Lucas, et al. to Rebecca C. Williams; $150,000

244 Franconia Ave., Marion; Salt Ridge Capital to Mark Schwenn; $140,000

3850 Codding Road, LaRue; Meredith L. Blankenship, administrator of Estate of Frank D. McCulloch, to Meredith L. Blankenship; $41,014

309 N. High St., Caledonia; Tori Schimpf to Daniel T. Rengert; $130,000

1341 Hickory Drive, Marion; Marni R. Stiles to Maria L. and Patsy A. Hardy; $284,000

3448 DeCliff Big Island Road, Marion; Cherie A. Leach to Samuel E. Leach and Briana A. Outcalt; $125,000

2324 Newmans Cardington Road W., Prospect; Lust Land to Clay Lust and Rosah Hill; $288,000

Three parcels (73.165 acres) on Clark Road and Dry Lane Road North; LaRue; Nancy E. Lahr, fka Nancy E. Kennel, to Dennis J. Roszman, et al.; $229,500

121 Martin Drive, Marion; Raymond Franks to Amanda Craycraft; $255,000

531 Bimini Drive, Marion; Amy L. Tyra, nka Amy L. Tyra Caudill, to Timothy W. Brown II; $83,000

355 Barks Road E., Marion; David S. and Cynthia M. Peltier, co-trustees of the Peltier Family Trust, to Ability Holdings; $320,000

4460 Gooding Road, Marion; Ralph C. and Robin R. Loreno to Amanda Gusovsky and Tyler Chevalier; $479,000

2631 E. Drive, Marion; Four Frames Properties to Owen Lipscomb; $195,000

1025 Chateau Drive, Marion; Ching Y. Cheung to Courtney M. and Zachary S. Shoemaker; $210,000

919 Harvey Drive, Marion; Peggy D. Bushatz, successor trustee of Neff Revocable Living Trust, to Peggy D. Bushatz; $167,000

182 and 192 Harrison St., Marion; Edward F. Baer to Alan L. and Trisha L. Dye; $5,000

Two parcels (5.127 acres) on LaRue Prospect Road, Prospect; William E. Hempy to Todd and Susan K. Wiley; $150,000

One parcel (4.863 acres) on LaRue Prospect Road, Prospect; William E. Hempy to Todd and Susan K. Wiley; $100,000

2834 Harmony Drive, Marion; Ronald L. Wood to Cathryn Collins and Israel Mena; $182,500

348 Willow St., Marion; Martha J. Neiderhouser to Doryan T. and Sydney E. Miller; $140,000

One parcel (4.716 acres) on LaRue Prospect Road, Prospect; William E. Hempy to Keith A. and Leah M. Etherington; $70,000

637 Miami St., Marion; Big Bay 6 to Quest Trust Co., FBO Pamela Lagan; $19,900

2539 Rengert Road (two parcels), Waldo; Richard J. and Linda C. Krom, co-trustees of The Krom Family Trust, to Joshua and Veronica Cedoz; $490,000

237 Hane Ave., Marion; Christofer M. Hawkins to Progressive Holdings LLC; $85,000

434 Linda Mel Drive, Marion; Victoria L. Hinaman to David E. Hinaman; $56,033

656 Olney Ave., Marion; Eleanor J. Chapman to Ronald and Lisa Babbs; $68,600

221 Bain Ave., Marion; Loyalty Benefit Services to Logan J. and Efrosini A. Ridge; $127,500

870 Woodrow Ave., Marion; Robert Horan to GSW Investments; $30,000

805 Catalina Drive, Marion; George W. Lewis, by PSO, to Bucks Properties; $37,065

Lot 18359 Bay Hill Drive, Marion; Timothy W. and Merriam B. Buckner to George Crimson; $32,500

494 Courtland Terrace, Marion; Bradley T. and Kimberly Foulke to Adam Green; $135,000

309 Lafayette St., Marion; Robert T. Manfull and Samantha M. Greenawalt to Ryan Irwin; $150,000

1241 Heritage Lane, Marion; Adam J. Wenig and Sierra A. Wenig, fka Sierra A. Redmond, to Douglas A. Bryan Jr.; $215,000

783 Mount Vernon Ave., Marion; Michelle Spiegel, et al. to EMAD Holdings II; $210,000

1028 W. Center St., Marion; Marke Lyon Commercial Property to Lonnie Turner; $110,000

1566 Eagle Creek S., Marion; Wycorp Management to Terry A. and Kathy L. Lee; $575,000

2615 Mercer Drive, Marion; Lane P. Lusenhop, et al. to Lonny New Jr. and Ivan Bowman; $38,000

386 Linda Mel Drive, Marion; George F. Hopkins and Rick A. Kigar to GT Real Estate Investments; $80,300

327 Marion Ave., Marion; Theresa M. and Jason T. Hix to Kiara and Evan Jones; $110,000

442 Bellefontaine Ave., Marion; Thomas W. Bale to Herbert Jesus Vidal Peraza; $43,500

715 Woodrow Ave., Marion; Ashley Persinger and Jessica Steffen to Great Investment Properties; $15,500

3770 Mason Road, Caledonia; Tina R. Tackett to Owl Creek Trail Farms; $5,500

2979 Neidhart Road, Marion; Amy J. Sansotta, nka Amy J. Williams, to Kimberly M. Wilde; $285,000

214, 216 & 218 W. Columbia St., Marion; Beartrax to Christopher Depuy; $120,000

621 Ballentine Ave. (two parcels), Marion; PEP Investments to William Wachter and Karen Reed; $55,000

771 Robinson St., Marion; Classic Northern Investments to Lowell Greashaber; $152,500

8439 Wildcat Pike, LaRue; Daryl M. Burbaugh to Bradley and Kimberly Foulke; $198,900

654 Exeter Way, Marion; Green Residential Builders LLC to Dean M. and Laura L. Wern; $305,190

435 Blaine Ave., Marion; Doris A. Bowman to Edward O. and Amy Haller; $111,000

3887 E. Morral Kirkpatrick Road, Marion; Jessica Houser to Andrew and Shannon Taylor; $95,000

265 McCormick St., LaRue; Edward and Corrina Huffine to Shawn P. Gunnoe and Jamie L. Williams; $450

124 E. Mark St., Marion; Brenda R. Brewer to Maya Construction LLC; $45,000

151 S. Main St., Prospect; Kimberly Heiselman to Bailey P. Abrams; $156,000

645 Cherry St., Marion; D & M. Properties Ltd. to Donald E. Lyons III; $22,000

874 Bellefontaine Ave., Marion; Karla R. Kuhn to Danielle R. Davis; $148,000

2708 Mercer Drive, Marion; Christina McQuistion to Carolyn L. and Jason V. Johnson Sr.; $189,000

1233 Bermuda Drive, Marion; Nancy J. Knapke and Rebecca J. Schnitzler, co-executors, to BQA Investments; $50,000

793 Woodrow Ave., Marion; Linda S. Shafer to Barbara Oliver; $54,000

This article originally appeared on Marion Star: Property transfers: Prices in Marion County range from $5K-$575K