PROPERTY TRANSFERS: Recent transactions

Property transfers
Property transfers

Wayne County

Baughman Township — Jason N. Suppan to Gabriel E. And Megan L. Middleton, 2829 Paradise St., $385,000.

Canaan Township — Eleanor M. Ripley to Monica and Kyle Allen, 1794 E. Sterling Road, $325,000.

Chester Township — Terry R. Dilyard (trustee) to John Bogavich, 9631 Ashland Road, $65,208.

Chippewa Township — RTE 1 LLC to Donald L. Demali Jr. and Karla R. Demali, 12496 S. Portage St., $25,000.

Clinton Township — Megan E. Stryker (trustee) to Michael J. and Jennifer E. Mosher, Snoddy Road, $551,250.

Jennifer A. Adair to Vincent Morris, 266 E. Robinson St., $31,000.

Congress Township — Franklin Farms to Ambe178 LLC, Congress Road, $900,000.

Doylestown — Craig A. and Carolyn M. Hollis to Scott Dietz, 276 High St., Doylestown, $32,500.

Beverly M. Williams to Grace Fumic, 289 High St., Doylestown, $150,000.

Franklin Township — Ladawn R. Henneman to Keyana Marshall and Nicholas Wheatley, 23 Kimber Road, $265,000.

Christina R. and Susie R. and Mary R. Gingerich to Daniel A. and Ruby Burkholder, 7776 Nonpariel Road, $540,000.

Trail Bottom Company to Leon V. and Esther J. Miller, 5236 Millersburg Road, $375,000.

Green Township — Derek K. and Mercedes J. Orr to Dean A. and Esther B. Horst (trustees), 7320 Egypt Road, $54,000.

Raymond G. Price Jr. and Colleen A. Price to Michael A. Galicki, 218 W. Main St., $45,400.

Orrville — Aaron Miller and Lauren M. Bigler to Dennis A. and Connie J. Riedel, 720 Elm St., $150,000.

Cannon Restorations to Henry D. and Erin N. Unruh, 408 W. Paradise St., $237,000.

Donald E. Gray and Joel R. Cessna to Miriam C. Klueber, 1359 Spring Hill Drive, $199,900.

Rittman — Walter Todd Wilde to Arthur C. and Mollie A. Johnson, 120 Medina St., $98,900.

Jon E. Rice to Brian A. Leatherman, 141 and 143 N. Seneca St., $65,000.

Robert E. Shows to Melissa Hobbs, 96 S. Second St., $139,900.

Alice M. and Darrell L. Widmer (trustees) to Erik J. Peltz, 382 Hilty Ave., $269,500.

Sugar Creek Township — James Arthur and Ethel Mae Streb to Knx Enterprises, 61 E. Main St., $120,000.

Wooster — Keith R. and Brenda K. Colvin to DJMM Properties, Ltd., 133 S. Grant St., $115,000.

JJ Funk Rentals to Austin Kunkel and Raegan Renner, 503 Spink St., $105,000.

Diana K. Yergin (trustee) to James and Norena Fox, 2215 Friar Tuck Circle, $325,000.

David E. and Chad E. Acker to Bre 1840 Cleveland Road, 1840 Cleveland Road, $300,000.

David C. and Marilyn G. Brand to Christian McFadden, 855 Thorne Avenue, $210,750.

Heather L. Zapp to Cody Sean and Erin Jo Detweiler, 460 E Beverly Road, $197,500.

Central Trust Co. to M Squared Real Estate Holdings, 601 Portage Road, $280,000.

John A. and Rachelle M. Silvestri to Campbell Construction, Inc., 157 Cannon Drive, $280,000.

Edward D. Howman to David L. and Elizabeth A. Barnett, 3032 Burbank Road, $260,000.

Cynthia Bell Shaffer (trustee) to Roger D. and Donna J. Canode, 1822 Pine Cove Drive, $190,000.

Michael G. Aceto (trustee) to Brenda K. Courson (trustee), 2447 Wetherington Lane, Unit 142, $185,000.

Brenda K. Courson (trustee) to Clayton J. and Jennifer M. Deighan, 1651 Arthur DrIve, $305,000.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: Recent property transfers in Wayne County