Wayne County

Baughman Township — Robert L. and Judith A. Ramer to Scott M. and Lauren C. Ramer, Deerfield Ave., $67,745.

Canaan Township — Betty M. Marshall to Michelle Kintz, 2297 W. Sterling Road, $140,000.

Jeremy and Alisha Musser to Noah B. and Tara D. Wellman, 2553 E Britton Road, $200,000.

Rodney V. Kelly to Jamie Lee Long, 215 E. Middle St., $70,000.

Noah B. Wellman and Tara D. Shank to Rick A. and Ramona R. Wellman, 172 Main St., $110,000.

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Chippewa Township — Bryce Bauman to Hametown Road, 12881 Hametown Road, $186,000.

Doylestown — Pappas Construction Co. to Marilyn Mitchell and Connie Halstead, 500 Thorn Way, $344,900.

Duane E. and Lisa Jordan to Richard Dale and Barbara Ann Garrett, Silver Creek Drive, $60,000.

Timothy D. and Kathleen L. Haury to Peter A. Matzelle, 3969 W. West Salem Road, $258,900.

East Union Township — Emanuel and Martha Weaver to Toby P. and Emily N. Hostetler Hershberger, South Kansas Road, $82,500.

Jeremy L. Phillips to Keith and Christina Duncan, 76 Maple St., $90,000.

Joel D. Bizzell to Bryan A. and Megan Keim, 94 Spring Run Drive, $287,500.

Green Township — Angela S. Erwin to Tammy J. Auble, 123 Moss Creek Circle, $369,000.

Milton Township — Brock Tackett to Brumfield Enterprises, 13685 Kauffman Ave., $50,000.

Craig A. Murray and Tiffani M Rudo to Brumfield Enterprises, 5257 and 5259 E. Sterling Road, $47,000.

Jennifer O'Brien to Craig A. Murray and Tiffani M. Rudo, 5257 and 5259 E. Sterling Road, $30,260.

Orrville — Tina and Terry Griesinger to Karen R. Funk and Steven W. Meggitt, 406 Danvers Court, $239,900.

Plain Township — Homer C. and Karen E. Sidle to Daniel J. L. and Tracie Miller, $115,000.

Rittman — Cameron C. Bradford to Zachary A. Sanders and Samantha L. Krieger, 163 Grandview Blvd., $167,500.

Widmer Enterprises to Lester B. and Daisy I. Morris, Cardinal Drive, $58,500.

Rick P. Hanlon to Thomas J. and Jodi P. Holmes, 71 S. Seneca St., $45,000.

Raymond L. and Mary J. Miller to Leroy M. Hershberger and Leah R. Troyer, 2543 and 2545 Moser Road, $275,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Erik William and Ashley Marie Mitchell to Brittany A. and Michiel Andriessen, 118 Hillside Drive, $465,000.

Wayne Township — Honeytown Investments to Rogue Investment Group, 6464 and 6514 Honeytown Road, $300,000.

Wayne Township — Timothy A. and Autumn J. Krupp (co-trustees) to Mark and Kathy J. Thut (trustees), 6909 Philip Lane, $855,000.

Nicholas D. Fugate to Zachary T. Ames and Roberta A. Miller, 6582 Canaan Center Road, $165,500.

Wooster — Dustin Mace to Hartzler Capital Sub1, 132 and 132 1/2 W. Vine St., $40,000.

Nadelin Home Rentals to Delbert Henderson, 523 McDonald St., $135,000.

Glen and Stephanie A. Adams to James T. Wilson Sr. and Kristin A. Wilson, 1027 Pittsburgh Ave., $132,000.

Joanne M. Baker to Matthew J. Smith and Shari B Lewis, 1443 Ramblewood Drive, $209,000.

Michiel Andriessen to Dorinda A. Dorris, 1535 Lemar Drive, $205,000.

II B Holdings to Setzer Properties Znca, $1,875,000.

Blanid Lamb to John C. Lamb, 2596 Eastwood Drive, $200,000.

Alan W. and Tina L. Troutman to Amber M. Zarella, 714 Westridge Drive, $170,000.

Yvonne L. Molter to Rebecca Lavery and Amber L. Lamb, 865 Brooke Way, $190,850.

Phyllis Caputo (successor trustee) to Phyllis Caputo (trustee), 519 Danberry Drive, $240,000.

Wooster Township — Wyatt H. Morris to Christopher and Lisa J. Miller, 2793 Meadow Brook Drive, $196,000.

Delma J. Foltz to Melissa Stonerock, 247 Valley View Drive, $275,000.

Bradley A. Fath to Clevenger Group, 2467 and 2483 Shreve Road, $55,000.

Allan and Sharlye Barta (trustees) to Paul D. and Martha L. Starkey, 3949 Pheasant Run, $375,000.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: Recent property transfers in Wayne County