Property transfers: Wayne sale prices $646K to $12K

Wayne County

Baughman Township — Daniel L. and Megan R. Bucher to Laura A. Schwartz, 7422 Dalton Fox Lake Road, $220,000.

Aretecv LLC to Kyle and Esther M. Sindlinger, 42 and 40 Monique Circle, $190,000.

Doris M. Hiney to Cannon Restorations, 539 Lehman St., $175,000.

Chippewa Township — James Gamble to Sharron A. Young, 15969 Galehouse Road, $578,000.

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Franklin Township — Billie Jo Corbin, Bobbie Kearney and Erin Wirt to Nathan Troyer, 7187 Millersburg Road, $121,000.

Donald D. and Debra J. Gerber to William R. Hissner, 2555 Millersburg Road, $271,275.

Donald D. and Debra J. Gerber to Nathan D. Miller, 2557 Millersburg Road, $380,000.

Donald D. and Debra J. Gerber to Albert I. Yoder and Ruby R. Raber, 2535 Millersburg Road, $152,449.

Daniel S. and Carrie A. Justice to Jason D. and Jennifer L Thompson, 3550 Johnny Appleseed Drive, $300,000.

Green Township — Mary L. Brady to Legend Dairy, 7476 E. Hutton Road, $282,500.

Phillip D. and Mariah D. Maletich to Brandon C. and Tanya M. Singer, 7475 Egypt Road, $480,000.

Tanya M. and Brandon C. Singer to Adam David and Brianna Hurte, 206 Anna Drive, $345,000.

Orrville — Christopher and Jennifer Upton to Nations Lending Corp., 608 Fike Ave., $122,500.

Plain Township — Bacorn Gail Crawford to Eric S. Winkler, 1447 S. Funk Road, $233,625.

Rittman — Richard L. Mathys, Duane L Mathys, Diana L. Ragan, Karen L. Kollert and Mary L. Warner to Nancy C. Watts, 419 Terrace Drive, $101,200.

Ronald D. Steele to Jeffrey E. and Brenna Hugus, 32 N. Metzger Ave., $195,000.

Ronald Nieger to Marilyn Gordon, 179 W. Hill Ave., $90,000.

John D. and Jessica A. Tawney to Michael Dallas Oliver and Deborah Lyn Hitzman, 116 Heath Drive, $321,149.

Sugar Creek Township — White Rock Investments to Weaver Custom Exteriors, 13443 Nussbaum Road, $214,116.

Dewayne E. and Pamela R. Gregson to Adrian B. and Ashley L. Gregson, 12733 Emerson Road, $181,250.

Mildred L. Fahrni to Jacob M. Gallatin, 3607 Deerfield Ave., $192,000.

Wayne Township — Burl J. and Runalda J. Stafford to Dwyane Richard and Debra K. Douglas, 4118 Swanson Boulevard, $140,000.

Jacob Edmund Dean and Danielle Lee Parkinson to Earl G. and Linda S. Mullet (co-trustees), 1260 Riffel Road, $646,600.

Wooster —Two Two Five Associates to Landgate Investment Group, 231 N. Buckeye St., $179,046.

Aisling Cadmus and Sean Skehan to Marshall Anderson Kirklin, 465 W. North St., $122,000.

Diamond Jade LLC to Angela Buren and Kelsey Edgell, Palmer Street, $12,000.

Debra J. Pittard to Marcus N. and Rebecca B. Fulton, 833 Wildwood Drive, $425,000.

Kimberly Ann Connor to John and Jessica Tawney, 121 Cannon Drive, $300,000.

David D. and Carolyn L. Funk to Stephen S. and Marcia C. Pesicek (co-trustees), 4299 Woodlake Trail, $400,000.

Rod A. Rehm and Stacey L. Miller to Joan E. Columbus and Taylor A. Lake, 732 N. Grant St., $155,900.

Wooster Township — Steven P. and Chestina J. Cholley to Progistics, 1005 Old Columbus Road, $63,500.

Holly Eyster and April Keenan to Holly M. Eyster and Dustin J. Parsons, 1853 Sylvan Road, $58,890.

Debra Montgomery to Jeanette McVay, 214 Valley View Drive, $210,000.

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