Proposal Calls For Digital Driver’s Licenses For Californians

A state lawmaker has proposed legislation that would pave the way for Californian’s to get digital driver’s licenses.

Video Transcript

- A Southern California lawmaker is proposing that we go digital with our driver's licenses. Assemblyman Miguel Santiago represents downtown and East LA. He came up with the idea. The lawmaker says the plan would be similar to what's happening in Iowa. Everyone would still get a physical license of identification. And if you want a digital card, you would just opt-in to the program using an app.

MIGUEL SANTIAGO: When you really take a look at it, I mean, you do everything on your cell phone. And you could do stock transactions. You have credit card information. I have my insurance paperwork on my cell phone. I have everything, except the one thing I need the most, which is my driver's license and my ID.

- Santiago's bill would create a pilot project giving the DMV until 2026 to come up with a working program.