Proposed Massena riverwalk will require coordination with property owners

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Jun. 21—MASSENA — If the proposed riverwalk becomes one of Massena's final Downtown Revitalization Initiative projects, officials will need to coordinate with nearby landowners to make it a reality.

The riverwalk, which has a current price tag of $1.7 million, is envisioned as a "scenic riverwalk along portions of the Grasse River and formalization of the kayak launch behind the fire department," with an additional connection through the proposed Massena School of Business gateway and courtyard, according to the project proposal. It notes that future coordination between the village and property owners will be required for any improvements.

The project received three thumbs up, the top score, during a recent community survey.

"I do want to stress the riverwalk as presented on what I'm going to call the west side of the fire station and on the east side, along Water Street, those are just kind of the artistic renditions," Mayor Gregory M. Paquin said during last week's DRI Local Planning Committee meeting. "We still have some work to do with property owners in that area, and we fully intend to talk with them. I don't want property owners to go, 'Oh my God, they're taking stuff away from me.' That's not the plan. We'll be in touch with everybody and have a full discussion and see what we can do what we cannot."

Jaclyn S. Hakes from MJ Engineering and Land Surveying P.C., the consultant team for Massena's DRI program, shared the same message.

"There are two locations for the riverwalk that are currently being considered as part of the concept. I do want to point out that the coordination between private property owners in the village is going to be critical as part of this project as it advances and should it advance through to the design component of this," she said.

"This is conceptual at this point, but it does identify a scenic river walk along portions of the Grasse River," Ms. Hakes added. "This did receive three thumbs up in terms of public support and has gone through a series of revised cost and design, and probably one of the most significant changes is this connection from the School of Business gateway and courtyard concept."