Prosecutors Say Man Wore Disguise While Attacking Ex-Wife With Metal Pipe

In a bizarre twist in an attack on a Chicago mom, prosecutors say a high ranking investigator at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange wore a disguise to throw off witnesses

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:30. A bizarre twist, an attack on a Chicago mom. Prosecutors say this high ranking investigator of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange wore a disguise to throw off witnesses. CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot live on West Hawthorne where the attack happened, Suzanne.

- Brad, his ex-wife was walking right along here when she was violently attacked. Now prosecutors say her former husband, he was wearing a disguise, a wig that look like dreadlocks but it would be his voice and video that would lead to his arrest.

Paul Wobble's ex-wife had just dropped off their six-year-old daughter on May 14. The 42-year-old woman started walking down Hawthorne place. That's when prosecutors say Wobble attacked her and repeatedly hit her with a pipe, fracturing her skull and an arm and bruising her head and face.

Prosecutors say Wobble, a senior investigator for the Chicago Board of Options Exchange was wearing a dreadlock wig as a disguise. Listen to the description a dispatcher says was given by a witness.

- Kristin on the street calling a battery victim, 5-6-0 West Hawthorne place, said a male black, 6 feet, black hoodie, gray sweatpants, dreads in the hair, hit a female on the head with something and ran off Broadway.

- Prosecutors say during the attack, Wobble yelled expletives at his former wife then said, "I'm going to kill you." Prosecutors say even though Wobble was wearing a disguise, it was his voice that gave him away. His ex-wife recognized it. They had been married for 12 years. He ran from the scene and went down Hawthorne to Broadway then Roscoe.

Prosecutors say surveillance cameras not only captured him running from the scene but his vehicle arriving 30 minutes before the attack. They also say the victim and her sister reviewed the video and recognized Wobble's stature. Wobble's defense attorney told the judge his client has joint custody of his six-year-old daughter with his ex-wife.

While their contentious divorce dragged on for three years, they've been in contact and their co-parenting fine. He also said Wobble was teaching Sunday school before the covid-19 pandemic and the incident is not consistent with his client's behavior. Prosecutors say four days before the attack, his ex-wife had told family members Wobble said he was going to kill her.

Now prosecutors say a search warrant led to an aspe, a metal baton being found inside Wobble's home. There's testing being done right now to see if that ask aspe involved in the attack. The judge said his bond at $50,000. He was told, "do not have any contact with your ex-wife." In Boystown, Suzanne Le Mignot CBS 2 News.