Prosecutors: Russian shelling injures 5 in Kherson

Russian strikes against the residential areas of Kherson wounded five people on Nov. 5, the regional Prosecutor's Office reported.

A 47-year-old woman and three men aged 60, 70, and 38 were injured in the attack that hit the city around 2 p.m., according to the prosecutors.

Prior to that, at around 11 a.m., another attack wounded a 61-year-old man in Kherson.

Earlier on Nov. 4, a Russian strike on the Korabel district of Kherson killed an 82-year-old woman.

The southern city of Kherson has suffered regular Russian attacks since its liberation in Ukraine's counteroffensive last fall.

The city, with a pre-war population of 280,000, lies at the Dnipro River, a few kilometers away from the Russian-occupied east-bank part of Kherson Oblast.

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