How to protect your pipes from freezing, bursting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Freezing temperatures are creating water issues like burst pipes, low pressure, and in some areas no water at all.

It’s an issue that’s impacting so many people that local companies are having a hard time keeping up.

One Memphis restoration company says they are getting more than 100 calls a day from people who now have damage to their homes with pipes bursting. This is a process they say could take weeks or months to be fully fixed.

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“Unfortunately, everybody is so backed up. A lot of people don’t have pipes fixed and don’t have water so it’s been pretty bad,” said Rowdy Legg, Homeway Construction and Restoration.

A gaping hole in the roof, wet floors, and soggy carpet is a mess that can be left behind when pipes begin to burst during the cold weather.

Legg says the biggest thing you can do to protect your pipes is to keep all faucets open. Faucet covers are also a good idea to use.

“Keep cabinet doors open and put a space heater there,” Legg says. “What a lot of people forget to do is locate the water shut off, some inside their house and some at the street.”

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