Protester fires back at suspect shooting outside women's clinic, saves woman's life

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A protester saved the life of a woman who was shot at as she walked into a San Antonio, Texas, women's clinic on Saturday morning, police said.

Officers responded to gunfire outside of women's reproductive health clinic around 8:30 a.m. CT. While no one was injured, authorities discovered several gunshots to the Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services building.

Protesters who were standing outside the clinic witnessed the shooting, San Antonio police spokesman Chris Ramos said in a press conference. One of them was armed and opened fire on the suspected gunman, who fled the scene, he said.

Authorities don't know if he was wounded as a result of the protester's intervention. The protester had a permit to carry a concealed handgun, according to Ramos.

“He absolutely saved this young lady’s life," he said. "He did something a reasonable person would do and he saw someone engaged in a shooting and he stepped in and intervened and stopped that shooting from occurring.”

While police were canvassing the area to look for the suspected shooter, they found a gun they believe he used in the incident, Ramos said.

Police are investigating the shooting as a possible domestic violence incident because the woman and the alleged gunman know each other.