Protesters In Brooklyn Park Reflect On Chauvin Verdict

David Schuman talks with those in Brooklyn Center, who have been protesting for over a week after the shooting death of Daunte Wright (2:22). WCCO 4 News - April 20, 2021

Video Transcript

- And that's happening this evening from 11:00 to 6:00. And in Brooklyn Center, a few dozen people are protesting outside the police department. And that curfew will take effect later on this evening.

- And they are protesting the shooting death of Daunte Wright. He is a 20-year-old who died during a traffic stop with police a police officer just 10 days ago.

- David Szuchman was out there. He asked how they're feeling about today's decision.

- You decided to come out here, what are you feeling right now? What are your emotions?

- I'm feeling a build up of a tremendous uplifting, uprising in the world. And that-- when I was talking to a few of my neighbors that live in the area, it's about-- this is a feeling that I personally have never felt before. And I think, everybody else is feeling it too.

- What is that feeling?

- I really don't know. i It's something big but something a little growing. And what that is that?

- Is it justice?

- It's definitely justice. But it's I think, today, we need to create a new world. And I don't really know what that is, but it's bigger than justice.

- What was it like to hear that verdict read when you watched it live?

- It was very, very relieving in a sense of the beginning of relief, and beginning the peace, the beginning of no war, the beginning of life for some people. And that's what everybody wants, a peaceful life.

- Yeah. It seems like almost you're a little overwhelmed with emotion right now. Does it call to mind, all right, well, that happens now, you're turning your focus more on Daunte Wright. And what is going on in that case?

- Yeah, well, even though, you know, there is like funerals and memorials and stuff, you still hold that sadness that stays with you. So we still got to get ready for the sadness of a loss. And we still got to understand and let people know that we all have faced the loss that we feel we're paying. And this is what's going to happen forever you and beyond for everybody of all races.