Protesters Call On PECO To Give Up Efforts To Build Natural Gas Reliability Station In Delaware County

PECO wants to build it in Marple Township.

Video Transcript

- In Delaware County, protesters are calling on PECO to give up efforts to build a natural gas reliability station in Marple Township. The protesters gathered this afternoon near the proposed website at the intersection of Sproul and Cedar Grove roads. PECO wants to build a natural gas reliability station there. PECO says they need it to keep up with demand. Marple Township rejected PECO's request for a zoning exemption, but PECO has filed an appeal in court. Protesters question if the reliability station is safe.

GREG FAT: We have a resident right here, what are we, 30 feet away? We've got a restaurant about the same distance. We're worried about the hazards that it's going to present for the young family that moved in next door and for the restaurant goers.

- PECO's court appeal is pending. It has also asked the Public Utility Commission to step in.