Protesters Create Fiery Battle Line During Standoff at Hong Kong University Campus

Protesters used fuel to create a fiery, if short-lived, battle line between themselves and Hong Kong riot police during a standoff outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Sunday, November 17.

Several hundred demonstrators held out in the campus despite being told to leave on Sunday, according to reports.

Sunday saw police use tear gas and water cannons in an attempt to disrupt protesters, who had occupied the facility for days, while a number of fires burned around the university’s entrances.

This footage, shot by Australian James Hunter on Sunday afternoon, shows one protester using a can of fuel to create a line of fire at the corner of Chatham Road South and Cheong Wan Road, close to the university. Additional protesters then attempt to keep the flame burning.

The South China Morning Post called the area surrounding the university a “war zone” as “police laid siege”.

A bridge linking the university to a nearby station was set alight, while one officer was reportedly hit by an arrow. Credit: James Hunter via Storyful