Protesters' Fire Bombs Met With Police Water Cannon in Hong Kong Clash

Protesters threw fire bombs at police who returned fire with water cannons during a night of street clashes in Hong Kong on November 18.

The confrontations came amid an ongoing standoff at Polytechnic University, where protesters have been holed out despite being told to leave on Sunday.

Some of these protesters have been able to escape the building but many more remain trapped inside amid the police siege, according to reports. Police say more than 4,000 people have been arrested since protests began in June.

Demonstrators have burned cars and barricaded major roads around the university campus in recent days in an apparent attempt to disrupt police operations.

In this video, police and protesters can be seen in a confrontation near the intersection of Gascoigne Rd and Nathan Rd, two of the city’s main thoroughfares in the area. Credit: Campus TV, HKUSU via Storyful